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My brother is 30 years old, still lives at home, unemployed, with no motivation!!

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    He sounds depressed. Maybe getting someone for him to talk to, not you,mum or your bro but maybe one of your friends he doesn't know or a counsellor could help. Or slyly making how watch a film which will inspire him? Like about someone at rock bottom who ends up rich with a supermodel girlfriend.

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    sounds like he's depressed, he needs help
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    So my brother is 30 years old, still lives at home, he's unemployed, and no motivation to find work.

    He just has no motivation to do anything. I can't see him doing anything with his life at this point. He has a degree in bio-chemical science (I think it's called), but he tried looking for work when he was younger, but was unfortunate. He says he's looking for work, but he hasn't been for a single interview. And he just doesn't leave the house at all! He will sit in his room reading, coming out for food, then he will go on the computer for a little while, then watch t.v. then go back to his room. And if we have guests or family around, he will hide away in his bedroom and not come downstairs to say hello.

    What advice can you give? I think my mum is losing her patience with him, and I'm getting frustrated because I seem to be the only 1 providing financial assistance to my parents. And my other brother (who's 27) has been unemployed, but he's found work now so he's helping out a little with bills too.

    your opinions on my eldest brother? I am 23, but my eldest bro is 30 and should be setting an example, but instead I'm the one having to help out the family.
    For someone to have gone from getting a biochemical degree to being 30 and not working, something must have happened. This hiding away in his room things sounds as if he is depressed. Have you thought about not judging him so harshly and suggesting to him/your mother that he goes to counselling? It seems like he's suffering from some sort of anxiety or depression and the situation will only alleviate when he gets help.

    Secondly (speaking as a first-born), I echo a previous poster in saying that YOU ARE TWENTY-THREE. It's not like you're six and don't know any better. Cut him some slack, stop being so judgemental and realise that you have to take responsibility for your own life instead of bleating about how he 'should be setting an example.'
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    He has some issues, i knwo someone similar that 29 and has barely worked. im pretty sure he has depression and feels like hes not good enough to work, even though he is. this is a psychological issue and he is most likely to refuse help. small interventions with family members, or support in encouraging any signs of employment would be good. this is a common symptom for people out of work for a long-time, whether its due to welfare dependency etc. but good luck and keep me posted, because this person is yet to get out this cycle and hes been doing nothing for 2 years, so if you can find a solution, maybe i can help the person i know as well!
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    He needs to read Ayn Rand and perhaps visit HowToGetLaid.co


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Updated: November 22, 2012
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