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taking pro plus before gym?

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    I seem to get bored and tired at the gym soo easy..i was thinking about taking pro plus? would affect my of weight loss regime?
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    Pro Plus is pretty weak sauce to be honest, I can't imagine it would have any real effect.
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    (Original post by lilyxx)
    I seem to get bored and tired at the gym soo easy..i was thinking about taking pro plus? would affect my of weight loss regime?
    I'm guessing you do endless hours of extremely low intensity cardio?
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    Sounds like you're trying to take a short-cut.
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    surely if the gym is boring, then it is not for you

    You could try a different routine, quit gym altogether and go for home equipment. If your in to cardio, then the outdoors or swimming is an alternative.

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    Nothing wrong with a bit of caffeine pre workout. I'd go for something cheaper than pro plus though.
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    Get a bag of fructose powder from myprotein.
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    I read an article a while back that said having a bit of caffeine before a work out is a good idea because it helps you work a bit harder = burn more calories.

    I usually drink a couple of coffees before the gym and it hasn't stopped me losing weight.
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    I took pro-plus for the first time today before my workout, and I managed to squeeze out a few more reps than usual, so I'd say it is having a positive effect. Of course it could just be psychological. I'll definitely be taking it again.


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Updated: June 11, 2012
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