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If you found out that a 21 year old male friend had slept with over 200 women...

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    (Original post by Rizzy J)
    Mario Falcone has slept with over 500 women in his 24 yrs. so yh 21 yr old can sleep with 200 women
    You can verify this information? :rolleyes:
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    Interesting poll results, is sleeping with so many women worth making yourself 'undateable' to other women?
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    Less. As a male.

    If he is obviously that good with women, I just have to wonder why he is still sleeping around, and why he hasn't found someone he wants to spend time together, not just ****.
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    I don't think I'd respect someone less simply for sleeping around, plenty of people do it, I know I do sometimes, I just think if he's that young, and it's that many people, I don't know how you could achieve that without actively going out of your way to have loads of one night stands which I think can potentially be disrespectful to the people he's sleeping with.

    I also think it shows lack of respect towards sex as an act, not that I'm religious or anything but I think better sex is the sex that's intimate and between two people who have a strong connection / are committed to each other.

    So I think I would initially respect him a little less unless there were some redeeming factors about him.
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    could a few ladyboys included in that statistic..:eek:
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    (Original post by SoulfulBoy)
    Really? Do you include yourself?
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    (Original post by Ice Constricter)
    Who the **** said he would be bragging? :lolwut:

    Jump to conclusions much.
    I just don't see how I would find out about it if he hadn't been talking about it. after all, he's the only one who knows how many people he's slept with.
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    "Omg! I just met a male version of Samantha Jones!"
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    (Original post by Lumos)
    I just don't see how I would find out about it if he hadn't been talking about it. after all, he's the only one who knows how many people he's slept with.
    Yeah that is the most likely way you'd find out, but there are other ways of finding out.
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    It would depend on why he did it.
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    (Original post by Id and Ego seek)
    As a social psychologist, I prefer controlled, observed natural experiments.

    Oh, so you like control, you must be the dominant type. :sexface:
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    (Original post by Lumos)
    Meaning? If you can't see it I can't tell you. :cool:
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    Get in there and find out what he's about?
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    I would suspect he was riddled with every STD in existence.
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    Giggity giggity goo!!!!!


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Updated: July 2, 2012
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