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Man at work stares at my boobs

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    There's this man at work, he's the secondary manager. I am 20 and he is mid thirties, and weirdly I have noticed him looking at my boobs. It's kind of a shock to me, and the first few times I thought I was imagining it but now I don't think I am. Normally I wear a fleece but as it's warmer I ust wear my shirt but it's not particularly tight and doesn't show my figure at all.

    I don't really know what to do about it. He's never said anything "bad" to me, he is nice to me like everyone else and treats me more like a kid. It's very male orientated there, most of the other women are a lot older than me. The guys do talk in the staffroom about women customers that are attractive, but I never thought anything of it, it's just banter. But this guy staring at my chest has made me feel uncomfortable. I don't want to say anything to anyone, he's got a wife and a young kid and I don't want to cause embarrassing problems.

    What do you think I should do?
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    Cut your boobs off.

    Or ask another manager to have a quiet word with him?
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    He's a guy, men are instinctively going to look at them..not much that can be done about it.
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    Either get used to it and let him perv, or tell him to stop looking if it's creeping you out.
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    you don't wear anything tight, but is it low cut?
    you could could wait till he is blatently staring right at them then ask himif he is okay. and act as if he is staring into space/has gone blank. that way you can hint - pretty strongly, that you have noticed him staring at you/your boobs, but you dont have the awkwardness of saying that he is staring at your tits
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    i wouldn't do anything about it unless he is flat out staring at them all the time including when you speak to him... some guys don't even realise they're doing it. a quick reminder of where your face is can help if it really bothers you.
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    I wouldn't do anything about it unless he actually makes an advance/turns it into sexual harassment. You'd probably feel a bit silly if you said something to him and it turns out it was completely innocent. If it becomes more clear that he's perving on you and you're still uncomfortable, have a quiet word.


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