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Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tests

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    I need to take these tests as I need a b in english and c in maths gcse. Has anyone taken these? I cant seem to find anywhere thats take external candiates? What are the pass marks? Any help would be great.
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    Your local college should run them, I'm not sure what they are called as I'm in Northern Ireland and I know the maths module is called NICATS maths which they deem equivalent to a C in maths for university applications over here. However, I know that if you want higher than a C equivalent it's no use and you need to do the proper GCSE. The college also run these modules as part of access courses for uni too. I am assuming though your question relations to university application?
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    Make sure that unis will accept them as a replacement for GCSEs first.
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    (Original post by Shelly_x)
    Make sure that unis will accept them as a replacement for GCSEs first.
    That is a good point, I know that NICATS maths is taken in all Northern Ireland universities but it isn't taken in some universities in England/Scotland/Wales
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    I have just competed an access to nursing. I did Level 3 English and level 3 maths which consisted of Adult numeracy, assignment & open book maths exam, which gave me a GCSE equivalent.

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