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GCSE Biology 12th June 2012

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    Nervous about the biology exam! First predicted an A but my grades have decreased due to my bad teacher and lack of intrest with what he says. I love biology and wish to do well but with the exam looming any ideas on last minute tips?
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    go on this
    page 37 onwards is a specification of everything you have to know
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    The thing i like to do to revise (especially for the sciences) is to look over and do past papers and mark schemes(although you may not have time to do many). It helps give you a good idea of what the types of questions are going to be like, how they are worded, and then using the mark schemes you can get a good sense what to put in you answers, and what the examiners are looking for as they are often looking for key phrases/points.
    If you are doing some past papers and marking them, quickly search on google for the grade boundaries and that will help you know how you got on.

    If you are doing AQA spec then here are the past papers: http://web.aqa.org.uk/qual/newgcses/...?id=03&prev=03

    However you decide to revise, good luck with your exam, go in feeling confident and I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.
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    Is this ocr gateway unit 2?
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    is this aqa unit 1 new spec?
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    Its the AQA new spec 1 i think:/ Thak you means a lot. Did some revision last night feeling a little more confident! Good luck to any others too
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    hey is this for the aqa exam yesterday morning? what answers did you get for question 1 etc.?
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    yeah it was! Question 1? which one was that? For the carbon cycle which were the two parts you labeled?x
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    I think I said combustion/respiration/decomposition:') I can't remember which 2 hahaha

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    i did that toooo! hahahaha:')
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    Hahahah hopefully it's right then!

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Updated: June 16, 2012
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