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Euro 2012: Domestic Abuse Rising

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    Domestic abuse rises during football matches when England play and Win or Lose, but not Draw.

    As England's Euro 2012 campaign kicks off, police forces across the country have issued warnings about domestic violence.

    But what impact do international football tournaments have on this type of abuse?

    Research by BBC News has found there was a surge in domestic violence reports to police during the 2010 World Cup.

    Figures obtained from police forces across England under the Freedom of Information Act show that when England beat Slovenia, nationally the rate per 1,000 people of domestic violence reports increased by 27%.

    And when England lost 4-2 to Germany, domestic violence increased by 29% - however on the two games in the tournament that they drew, there was no noticeable impact overall.

    The percentages were worked out by comparing daily reports to police forces during the tournament with the corresponding days in 2009 when there were not any football matches happening.

    Statistician Professor Allan Brimicombe, an expert in domestic violence and the chair of the Crime and Justice Statistics Network, analysed and verified the figures.

    "There's a national pattern that is significantly relevant," he said, adding: "The stats are pretty conclusive. It's a definitive and significant increase."

    Chris Hancox, from White Ribbon UK, which campaigns against violence to women, said: "If someone's football team loses, that's no reason to take it out on anyone, particularly the person they're supposed to love.

    "There is no reason or rationale for it happening. It is only a football match."

    Why is this? What do you guys think?
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    Wives strangling the husbands to get the TV remotes back.
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    Possible fury of crap football from England, high hopes being slashed with a heavy mix of alcohol.

    When I get my hopes up and England lose I'd feel more like hitting them then a partner.
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    100% of this report was 5% true, 2% relevant, 0.000000000001% worthy of the time spent of it and 10000000000000000% retarded. As if they're going to try link football result to beatings, like these men wouldn't hit their women at any other time. Duck out
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    (Original post by Dr Good Manners)
    100% of this report was 5% true, 2% relevant, 0.000000000001% worthy of the time spent of it and 10000000000000000% retarded. As if they're going to try link football result to beatings, like these men wouldn't hit their women at any other time. Duck out
    its possible that they hit their wives at other times, but different days to each other. however, the wife beaters who watch football may all hit thier wives on this day, causing a spike.

    e.g, there are 6 wife beaters.
    one hits his wife on mondays, but not tuesday to sunday (for some reason).
    another hits his on tuesdays but not wednesday to sunday, or on mondays, and so on and so forth.
    so each day of the week from monday till saturday there is 1 report of domestic abuse.

    however, one sunday england play and lose, and they all get angry and hit their wives, so on this particular sunday, there are 6 reported cases.

    it sounds a lot like a question in a gcse maths paper, but its a simple explaination of the figures.

    they may take their anger from losing out on their wifes, or if they win, they celebrate, get drunk and beat their wives


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Updated: June 11, 2012
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