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Error-"Can't read from source file or disk"

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    Trying to back up my music collection and a few tracks are giving the above error.

    I've had it before on this HDD with other files, not being able to read/move them, and they seem to be increasing in number. Would I be right in thinking the HDD is on it's way out? CHKDSK shows no errors, mind, yet I keep getting more of these. It's a 1.5TB Samsung EcoGreen HDD, installed internally via SATA. I am trying to copy to a 2TB WD Elements External Drive.

    Thoughts? Thinking it may be my second HDD failure in 2 months!
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    Right click on one of the files that won't copy, click properties and go to the security tab, click advanced and check your use account has read/write permissions first.
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    When I need to diagnose hard drive failures I always go straight to SpinRite. Alright, it's not free but it is worth every penny IMHO.


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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