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Teeth moved after braces

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    Everyone I'm 14 in highschool. So I had braces for about 16 months and it made my teeth straight I think! But recently I lost my retainer bare in mind I only just got my braces off a year ago. I lost my retainer for 3 months and then my mum paid for a new one but now my teeth are so bad. everywhere descusting I can't take photos videos nothing! I want to die. And I mean it, my
    Teeth are so bad and I went back to the orthadontist today and she was just like oh it's fine I will leave them. how much are braces private what should I do?
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    Depends on your definition of bad - for you personally they may look terrible, but from anthers perspective they may look perfectly fine.

    I'm sure they couldn't have moved that much in 3 months anyway, surely?

    Braces privately range from £1700-£3000+ depending on type.
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    I had braces for two years and then got a retainer so I know what you've been through and what I'm talking about

    Don't talk about killing yourself, there are some people without access to a doctor for the most basic of things and you were able to get braces, so count yourself lucky!

    It's such a shame that you lost your retainer! You shouldn't have left it so long to get a new one, I've had my braces off for over 18 months now, but even so my teeth still move if I don't wear my retainer for just a couple of days - let alone 3 whole months...!

    In the UK it costs about £2,000 to get braces privately, in the US that's about $3,500 at a very rough guess. However, it's worth talking to your orthodontist about going private because they are developing new kinds of braces which are less expensive.

    If your orthodontist thinks it's fine, maybe it is fine! After seeing your teeth really straight from the braces, any change is likely to seem horrendous, it probably isn't as bad as you think it is.
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    What stresses me out the most is that in this time. most people get braces so it's uncommon to get teeth like mine and I can't get over and it now I'm afraid I'm
    Depressed as I just sit and think about it all say and sit in a dark room alone
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    Stop sitting in a dark room, switch the light on and get over it. If you're depressed over it then you need to see a doctor because that is just not normal.
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    No it's just I have always hated myself I cry about all the time I don't want to see a doctor they will just give me medication. ;( I have always hated myself and the way I look I don't really like going out I don't like to be seen I love taking pictures I just look bad in all of them you would think the one thing I could have is a nice set of teeth
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    Post a picture of your self. You're probably not that bad.
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    I can look good in pictures and bad in pictures it depends my teeth are the worst I also suffer from
    Acne don't really do much just sit alone in my
    Or if it's sunny sit alone in the garden
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    Aw I feel bad for you. You don't even look bad! Can you post a picture of your teeth. And if you have acne they sell stuff that gets rid of it... you really shouldn't do that
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    my orthadontist told me you had to wear your retainer for abuot years at night.

    Did you not tell your orthadontist how worried you are about them?
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    I did and she was like no no their fine. she dosnt care she's not really that great Shes not mean but she just dosnt care and dosnt understand what I'm
    Going through


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