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    Hii... I'm in yr 10 doing my gcses, just did my maths unit 1 exam today.... How are ur gcses all going? What are ur options?
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    I have testophobia which is a fear of tests/exams so I find exams hard and indeed very terrifying.
    Once it was so bad that in a maths exam I forgot my own name! I didn't fill out my name and carried with the questions. 3 minutes later I remembered.
    Good luck!
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    Aww I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how you feel... It will be better for you n year 11 when it's most,y coursework.. And you can choose btec which doesn't involve exams.... I hope all goes well for you!!
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    Nah...I don't want to do BTEC. I was thinking of becoming a surgeon but now I have a strange urge to be a clinical psychologist
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    I want to be a surgeon as well.. A heart surgeon because I have a pacemaker cool, what's that?
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    Basically a psychologist who works in hospitals. Hard to define.
    You know you have to study for like 12 years to become a heart surgeon!! :eek:
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    Ah cool Its quite long but not that long... If I do decide to take medicine then I will work and study, and I don't mind if it's a heart surgeon i still have many options open. what yr are you in?
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    year 9. yes i'm young. (14)
    but they're making take GCSE exams for the next two weeks which will determine our "predicted" grade for our subjects when we take them in yr 10 & 11.
    What about you?
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    I'm in yr 10, but I also started my gcses in yr 9, right from September yr9, with my science exams.. P1a, b1a and c1a .. U done them yet? Whatshername ur chosen gcse options?
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    *whats your chosen gcse options?
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    whatshername?!?! :confused:
    ok, i've got
    english lit & lang
    science (triple)
    turkish (which i just finished 2 weeks ago)
    those are the gcses i'm doing
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    I typed in what's and it autocorrected to that lol.. cool.. I took maths, English lit and lang science nd additional science. French, RS, art, history and humanities. Everyone in our school has to take a language and humanities. RS is better than I thought, and the exams aren't that hard, just did my first RS exam in march and it wasn't too bad.. It's quite an interesting subject...but then again our teachers a legend!! :P and cool turkish isn't offered at r school, that's an interesting language..why choose that? Like what made yu choose it??
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    well i'm cypriot and if your turkish or cypriot you are kinda 'forced' to do the gcse at my school.
    i'm quite good at turkish even though it was my second language. my first language is english.
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    Is cypriot a religion? My first language is English but I also speak Persian, and I did Arabic opin school for three years
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    um..no it's an ethnicity. from the country of Cyprus
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    Oh coooL have u been to Cyprus then?? What religion are yu then...if u don't mind me asking?
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    of course i have! i was born there! i'm Muslim but not i'm that religious
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    Oh what's it like there? Always wanted to go there and whatd ya mean? Ur Muslim by ur nott?
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    i believe in Allah and i'll try not to make any sins and help and respect others. and if i'm in need, i'll just pray. and i don't wear a headscarf, i eat meat etc.
    Cyprus is VERY hot, it can go up to 50 degrees!! but it's quite dry like a desert :/
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    I'm a Muslim as well!! I'm like you, I don't wear a headscarf and I try to pray as often as I can..but mostly when I'm in need. Oh.. Well I've been to Rhodes which is near there, I don't like it to hot bcos we can't reveal our skin so much..if u no what I meAn


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