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    (Original post by sarah3060)
    i did a linear exam so there was two papers and i didnt do seperate units it was quite hard!
    Well, in march when I did a paper I actually thought I failed badly! And when the teacher asked do u no what u got I was like no, and I don't wanna no... But she told mei got an A!! Soo.. Just cos u think u did bad doesn't mean u did..hope u get real gooood grades!! See I'm glad our school is doing units, we used to do linear but they saw sense
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    (Original post by yourmoonatnight)
    Oh, I remember unit 1 It was hard for me, having to remember all those formulas about things like sampling, somehow unit 2 and 3 were easier :| How did you find your exam?
    It was quite easyy thanks! I found it easier than unit 2 which I gt an A on.. And now we r revising for unit 3 ur talking in the past tense I'm guessing uv finished school? If so whatdya get in ur gcses? x
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    Actually people do live there. And...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
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    i know its better to do units and i hope i get good results
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    (Original post by sarah3060)
    i know its better to do units and i hope i get good results
    Yeh a lot better and fairly easier...yeh I hope u do too.. Are u gonna go in to get ur results the same day as the yr 11s? x
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    yeh we get our results same day as year 11 x
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    (Original post by sarah3060)
    yeh we get our results same day as year 11 x
    DO u go into school in the summer holidays then? And next time quote me so i no I've replied x
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    no we get them in september x


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