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A Level Subjects-Alternatives to Philosophy

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    Hey, I am currently taking the following subjects for A Level at sixth form:

    Critical Thinking(I know its not worth an A-Level, but one of the college`s teachers told me its only one session a week, so i just went for it
    English Literature
    English Language
    (Any thoughts on these?)

    Anyways I am thinking of changing Philosophy to another subject, but am not sure what to change it to. I am not sure which career sector I want to go into so, I would like to keep my options open.
    Any suggestions???
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    Keep Philosophy. Drop E-Language. Don't bother with Critical Thinking. Waste of time IMO.

    I seriously cannot believe that you are thinking about keeping your options open, and yet you want to do two English A-Levels. Many universities won't accept the pair as two separate A-Levels, much like Economics and Business Studies, and to a degree, it does kinda imply that you might be a bit of a one trick pony.

    Rest looks good though.
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    I'd say drop Philosophy and English Language, and pick up History and Maths, which will open up law and finance careers.
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    I agree, drop english language and critical thinking (many universities say they don't accept it as an A-level). If you really want to keep your options open take a maths or science subject too, just in case, or else you've kind of shut out any chance of doing a degree in that area. It's best to start thinking about your future degree ASAP because the A-levels you choose could potentially shut multiple doors that you might have wanted to enter.


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