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Should I embrace the ginge, or go back to brown?!

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    Soo, I've been dying my hair dark pretty much for 10 years! Over the last year, I've not been too bothered with it, as I've had more important things to worry about than my hair

    I'm a bit torn - I don't know if I should embrace the natural look and leave the dye, or go back to my beloved brown haha.

    Opinions please?!

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    You look younger, fresher and more attractive as a ginger.
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    Keep the ginger!
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    I'd keep the ginger and maybe get some blonde highlights.

    I take it you have penciled in your eyebrows to make them darker?? I wouldn't do that with ginger hair tbh. No offence.
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    (Original post by Mess.)
    You look younger, fresher and more attractive as a ginger.
    This is what my mum said... haha!

    Thank you.


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