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Ladies? Was your first time a big occassion or is it a lot of hype?

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    This sounds virtually the same as what will happen to me. I don't want to reveal I'm a virgin to anyone as I'm 20 and feel too embarrassed particularly as the guy I'm seeing is on my university course and I wouldn't want it spread around, I'd planned to say I hadn't had sex in a few years or something if it was really tight. Thanks!!
    Yeah I had just turned 21 when I lost it, and I was really embarrassed about being a virgin (even though looking back no one actually cared). So no one apart from my close friends knew and people just assumed I'd had sex, so I just went along with it. The guy I lost it to just assumed I wasn't a virgin and I'd made out like I wasn't so when he saw that I was really nervous and he couldn't fit it in he said "I don't know how many guys you've been with before?" and I just said "It's just been a long time so I'm nervous" and he seemed to buy it. I relaxed and then everything was fine, there wasn't any blood or pain and I really enjoyed it, so that probably helped to convince him! Looking back, I don't think he would have cared if I told him I was a virgin, but at the time I didn't want to tell him incase he freaked out and didn't want to be the one to take my virginity. We weren't in a relationship, so I was worried he would be funny about it.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    if hes a decent enough guy he shouldn't mind or spread rumours and nor should the other people on your course care. I'm 20 and a virgin and I was sorta seeing someone before I came home for the summer and when I told him I was a virgin he reacted positively.
    I know he won't care, but it's a pride thing and unless I HAVE to say (ie, start bleeding like crazy) I won't say anything incase things turn sour and he starts talking badly about me. Why didn't you sleep with him then?

    My first time was only a tiny pain for about 10 seconds then it all went smoothly. Yes, there was blood but it certainly wasn't rivers of the stuff. I didn't tell the guy I was a virgin, but when we hooked up again I said I was new to sex. he may have guessed but has never let on
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    Mine wasn't that painful, only for a few seconds. But it wasn't that great. Although, I don't see it as a big deal and I knew at the time that I didn't love my boyfriend at the time. Thinking back, we shouldn't have been a couple but it was my first real relationship and I didn't really know what I was doing. But I think if you really like a guy it would be much better and it definitely shouldn't put a guy off, not if he's decent anyway.
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    I was one of those lucky people, it didn't hurt at all, it was just very enjoyable. For me it was very special and I'll always remember it

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    (Original post by almosttrue)
    would you care if a 30 year old was a virgin though?
    Not at all, everybody has reasons for things.

    This is really interesting, thanks for posting! I am 18, going to uni and never done more with a guy than touching with clothes on. I use a tampon most times for my period, but only one finger is comfortable..never tried two but I don't really want to.
    I originally thought when I was going to uni that I wanted to lose my virginity before, and then it would make me less judged, but it doesn't look like that will be happening - no boyfriend, no one on the horizon. So then I thought I would just get it out the way at uni, but that's making me more scared now, and I do want it to be special. If I do bleed, then that could be awkward too.
    Also, any advice for shaving? I do shave...but what is an average guys view on hair? My last boyfriend said a brazilian or a landing strip...this is all so crazy for me!
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    My first time wasn't a big deal for me at all. I wasn't in a relationship with the guy but we'd been seeing each other for a while and i dont think he knew I was a virgin. It didn't hurt at all and i didn't bleed, it was a bit difficult to get in at first but that wasn't because of my hymen (I know i'd broken that horse riding) but i think i was a little bit tense. Once we got started it was fine and actually kinda alright.

    I lost it to my boyfriend, I'd been with him 18 months at the time so we were pretty prepared for it and he was lovely about it.
    It hurt a little bit for me but it wasn't unbearable. Just let the guy know that it's your first time and take it slow.
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    Physically, I enjoyed it but emotionally it was not worth it. I definitely think I should have waited till I was a bit older and more sure about what I wanted. At the time I was still quite immature.

    I enjoyed sleeping with the person after I lost my virginity to more, because I felt like he respected me more and there was no pressure.

    My first time was a few days ago.
    We didn't plan it, things just kind of progessed to that point and it just happened :rolleyes:.
    I didn't bleed and it didn't hurt, but it was kind of uncomfortable for a while. But my boyfriend was very gentle about it (he's had sex in previous relationships).
    It wasn't exactly great sex but there are no regrets
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    My first time was lovely. Yeah, it hurt, but I'd been with the guy for 8 months (we waited till we were both 16), so I felt completely ready. The trick is to be really relaxed and make sure you're with the right person. Sex is great. I remember afterwards, we went for a walk and we were both smiling like crazy Sex is definitely not over-rated, if anything it's under-rated.


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