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Help - sisters bf come inbetween us

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    Right, I basically need advice because this weekend I've had a huge argument with my sisters boyfriend.

    We have never got on very well (they've been together 2 years) and this weekend myself and my bf went to their house for a friend of ours wedding. My sister is 9 months pregnant and about to drop so they weren't drinking but me and my bf were.
    Had a lovely night but on the way home my sisters bf was stressed due to his own problems (at the end of the night he ended up drinking a beer which meant my pregnant sister had to drive, even though he'd been saying all day he wouldnt) and he lost his s**t at me for no good reason. I was drunk and I had a massive go back (when I should have just ignored him) and things escalated to the point where I got in his face saying I'd never liked him and I hated him and he controls my sister etc (I was leathered and tbh it was true, I just obviously wouldn't have said it if sobre) and he was SOBRE and saying equally horrible stuff like I'm never going to see his baby (my neice!!) etc etc.

    Obviously in the morning I felt terrible because I couldn't even really remember what it was that I'd said in the first place to make him lose it at me. I called my sister and said sorry and she said she didn't want my apologies and that he (her bf) would never apologise to me. After more arguments (she seemed to be forgetting that my madness was provoked by him, and just kept talking about the fact that I acted so mental when pushed over the edge) she basically said she didn't want to argue with me anymore, that she ws cool with me but [he wasn't. So i told her to piss off, that if he wasn't going to be mature enough to apologise for STARTING the whole thing, then I couldn't just be back to normal with her. I said that I wouldn't talk to her if he wouldn't apologise.

    The thing is, I know I'm putting my sister in a really difficult position, and I hate doing it but I dont know what else to do. I mean, I've apologised and he WONT?? What can I do? Like she's having his baby, how am I supposed to see her and the baby without seeing him?? I'm upset with her for chosing hmi and obviously my gut reaction to this is 'f**k them all then' but it's my sister and she has no choice but to chose his side really, cuz of the baby.

    I hate him so much for coming in between us but I don't know what to do. If you have any advice or what you think I should do, then please help. I mean, what would you do if in my position?

    Seeing her is pretty much impossoble without seeing him.
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    You need to apologise to her, again. She has had nothing to do with it, so to say you're not talking to her is ridiculous. She is not choosing him, what do you expect her to do? Leave him? With a baby on the way? Yeah... not gonna happen. Be the bigger person.
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Updated: June 11, 2012
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