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Sold fake £20 notes when i was 12, stupid mistake, got caught, do i have a record?

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    (Original post by bahjat93)
    If they didn't take a DNA sample from you, you don't have a criminal record
    Compulsory collection of DNA samples following arrest came in after April 2004, you were 12 after that date? You don't state your age in your profile page.

    Assuming your post is intended seriously, it sounds like you were never arrested? You won't have a reportable criminal record, eg, there are no arrests or convictions, so even in the most intense types of reporting, such as for teacher job applications or to work in national security, it won't pop up on the system.
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    (Original post by VtecMB3)
    Thank you! Thats all i wanted to know, but i've got a teacher in my class, i still go to that school (have sixth form now), and she said she'l find out for me whats on my record. Thanks for the response
    There is a number that you can dial and apparently they can tell you within minutes. After all if you do have a criminal record you go on there database.
    Just do some research on the internet to find that number m8
Updated: June 12, 2012
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