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    Hi guys, I'm a bit lost at what to do, and yes I'll admit it is pretty much my fault. I've just finished the second year doing a foundation degree in Creative Audio Technology with Bournemouth, but studied with Bridgwater College.

    About halfway through the first year, one of the main reasons I took this course was to be able to study at home and stay near my partner came to an end.

    I thought I would try and stick the course out as I had already done so much of it, and despite not enjoying most of the modules there were some lectures I did enjoy.
    However, my grades started to show my lack of interest and have been just above pass marks, which I understand are nowhere near enough to top up to a full degree (60% average).
    I've spoken to someone who has proceeded to top up and from what they have said the topics covered in that year are not something I am interested in.

    My question is, is a foundation degree really worth anything and what can I do do progress in either my studies or finding a job?
    I love music but I feel that the scientific side of it is not of great interest to me, and something I do not enjoy that much.

    Sorry that this is post is a complete mess, I'm not feeling too well and on top of family issues I'm a bit of a state! Thank you to anyone who can help
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    So was this a 4 year degree via Bournmouth U but actually studied in Bridgwater? Your relationship, the main reason for the Bridgwater option, then came to an end?
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    Hi, it is a foundation degree that lasts 2 years at the Bridgwater campus, but you have the option to top up for a 3rd year at Bournemouth or any other accepting University. The main reason was the relationship yes, and the course did seem appealing at the time, but as it progressed it wasn't what I hoped it to be.



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