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Should I re-add my ex?

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    I deleted my ex around 5 weeks ago because I was finding it hard moving on from him as he would constantly update his statuses with constant crap, always be online after telling me a reason he finished it with me is because he won't be on much to speak due to being busy - Funny how he's on all the time.

    The reason I deleted him was because a status claiming how bored he was then starting to speak to me infuriated me, and before that the last chat he started it off half way by saying "I have no-one to speak to".

    I'm not sure if he'd accept it anyway if I did re-add him..

    But I don't want to look like I miss him and can't deal with my life without him in it.. So many pros and cons.. ah.

    I do miss him and want him back still even after 4 months.. which is irritating! Just need your guys advice please
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    No re-adding until you're over him.
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    No don't readd

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    No way!! Don't re-add him

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    don't readd
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    if he was meant to be in your life,HE will re-add you!
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    Don't do it, he's your ex for a reason right? Just MOVE ON.
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    Dont readd why would you want him on facebook ?
    to torture yourself seeing pictures of him having fun while your feelnig crap?
    To cry over him when he updates his relationship to status with a new girlfriend and you spend hours analysing what she has that you dont?
    To see what hes doing or not doing in his life ??

    There is no reason to have an ex on facebook I kept my ex on facebook 7 months after we broke up every single bloody time i logged on there was a photo with a new girl, a new girlfriend, a new girl telling him she thought he was hot, him having so much fun not seeming to care about my life or me, I saw friends or shall i say ex friends flirting with him on facebook, as soon as i deleted him i moved on straight away hes out of my life he may aswell has dissapeared of the face of the planet and i will never readd him because he rejects my readd thats just like him rejecng me as aperson all over again


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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