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Is gay porn degrading?

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    (Original post by johit)
    Is gay porn degrading? Porn is often seen as the objectification of women but is it the same case when only men are involved?

    Give us your thoughts

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    I guess standard straight porn is seen as more degrading to women than men as it is aimed at straight men and therefore focuses on / objectifies / degrades the women more. Or whatever you wanna call it.
    So I guess with gay porn you could argue that the same goes...? I dunno I've never watched gay porn. I think basically whatever type of porn it is, it depends on the images that are shown, so you can get really degrading porn, or porn that really is just people having sex
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    (Original post by sammy-lou)
    Has someone been watching Louis Theroux?
    Haven't watched his doc's in years.
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    To a certain extent the "taboo" of it being two men probably means you don't have to have as much other taboo stuff. Especially if we're talking about a straight bloke watching gay porn.
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    (Original post by prog2djent)
    Haven't watched his doc's in years.
    Oh, well you basically just summarised one of his latest in a sentence!
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    Not really, I don't think any form of pornography is degrading. If it is consensual and something that people gain money out of, whats to be complained about?
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    Personally, I would find being in gay porn degrading. Which is why I don't star in any gay porn. So it's not a problem.

    I don't get it when people complain about something being degrading on someone else's behalf. Isn't it up to them what they find degrading?


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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