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Mr M’s Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Higher Linear Paper 1 Answers June 2012

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    A large number of posts have been removed from this thread due to discussion of the June 13th Calculator exam. Please refrain from discussing ANY Edexcel exam until either 12AM for AM exams or 4.30AM for PM exams. Edexcel exams are taken all over the world, and so by discussing them you are possibly giving other students an advantage over those who have already taken the exam.

    For more information, please see the announcement.
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    (Original post by Mr M)
    Mr M’s Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Higher Linear Paper 1 Answers June 2011

    1. Questionnaire

    a) Suitable table (2 marks)

    b) Sample too small OR not representative (1 mark)

    2. Paving slabs

    a) Yes (he needs 30 slabs) (3 marks)

    b) £276.16 (3 marks)

    3. Parcels

    a) £10 (1 mark)

    b) Ed is cheaper than Bill for distances under 20 miles and more expensive for distances over 20 miles. The cost is the same for a distance of 20 miles. (3 marks)

    4. Stem and leaf diagram

    2 | 9
    3 | 1 3 5 6 9
    4 | 2 3 3 4 6 8 9
    5 | 2 4 5

    Key: 2 | 9 = 29 mph (3 marks)

    5. Medicine

    8 (2 marks)

    6. Shortcakes

    a) 30 (2 marks)

    b) 60 (2 marks)

    7. Buses

    11.00 a.m. (3 marks)

    8. Algebra

    a) 6y-15 (1 mark)

    b) 4x(2x+y) (2 marks)

    c) h=\frac{10t}{g} (2 marks)

    9. Rotation

    Rotation 180 degrees about (3, 3) (3 marks)

    10. Train tickets

    Railtickets (65p cheaper) (4 marks)

    11. Parallelogram

    39 (3 marks)

    12. Orange juice

    4 (3 marks)

    13. Hexagon and octagon

    105 degrees (4 marks)

    14. Lighthouse and harbour

    a) 35 km (1 mark)

    b) 110 degrees (1 mark)

    c) Position marked 4 cm away on correct bearing (2 marks)

    15. Cumulative frequency

    a) 170 g (1 mark)

    b) Correct box plot (3 marks)

    c) Median of group A is higher than that of group B and interquartile range of A is bigger than B or other correct comparisons (2 marks)

    16. More algebra

    a) m^{-10} (1 mark)

    b) (x+5)(x-2) (2 marks)

    17. Standard form

    a) 1 (1 mark)

    b) 0.000067 (1 mark)

    c) 2.7 \times 10^{14} (2 marks)

    18. Area of enlarged shape

    1.5 (3 marks)

    19. Probability tree diagram

    a) Missing numbers: 0.6, 0.7, 0.3, 0.7 (2 marks)

    b) 0.12 (2 marks)

    20. Simultaneous equations

    x = 3 and y = -2 (4 marks)

    21. Circle theorems

    Radius and tangent are perpendicular so angles OBA and ODA are 90 degrees

    Angles in a quadrilateral sum to 360 degrees so angles DOB = 130 degrees

    Angle BCD = 65 degrees as angle at circumference is half the angle at the centre of the circle (4 marks)

    22. Histogram

    a) Correct bars (frequency densities 3, 5, 3.6, 1.2) (3 marks)

    b) 18 (2 marks)

    23. Algebraic fractions

    a) \frac{x+4}{2x-3} (3 marks)

    b) \frac{7x-2}{x^2-4} (3 marks)

    24. Recurring decimal

    \frac{31}{110} (3 marks)

    25. Cylinder and sphere

    r = 3x (3 marks)

    26. Graph transformations

    a) Translation 3 units in the positive x direction (2 marks)

    b) Stretch scale factor 2 in the y direction (2 marks)
    hello Mr M, do you have the calculator version of this paper?
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    (Original post by tayyabkhan786)
    hello Mr M, do you have the calculator version of this paper?
    There is a thread for it. You will just need to search.
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    Is there a ms for the march 2012 calculator paper please?
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    (Original post by vet_hopeful!_worried)
    Is there a ms for the march 2012 calculator paper please?
    yes u can download the ms from the edexcel website..
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    Is their an un-official markscheme any-where on the internet where i can view the workings out?
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    where do you get the paper from
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    (Original post by Mr M)
    There is a thread for it. You will just need to search.
    where can you find the calculator paper


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