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21 - Failed for 5 years after school - Running away to prove a Point.

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    I know its going to be hard.
    But if i run away to one of my friends (Not sure if he still lives in London) and studying for a year to go to University there - do you think it would happen?
    I live in a rich lifestyle at home and i dont know why i cant achieve anything - failed gcse/gcse retakes aswell as access course and yet to see if i ever get the opportunity
    sometimes i feel my head is exploding and recently i have come excessively overweight.
    People around me are becoming successful. two friends who have become clothing designers - another 3 friends who have just finished their degree in dentistry and my best friend who has just qualified to be a lawyer

    i am nor academic or creative (Fully creative anyways) and i have no skills whatsoever.

    If i move from home and witness hardship and independence would i learn more about myself? and what path i need to take.

    another thing is if i end up homeless in london (I'm from manchester) what are my options can i stay in london under homelessness?

    Thanks for the responses i appreciate it.
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    So this is where all homeless people come from...
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    i don't think that's the way to go about it, your parents and family will be worried sick.

    i think you should go travelling, but backpacking, for a few months. you have the money to spend on flights, just keep the rest of the spending minimal. also lose weight.
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    There are people who are genuinely without homes and you want to be provided a home just because you aren't up for going back because you feel like a failure? -.-
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    Run away from home at 21? That's pretty pathetic OP. You say your family are rich. How did they make thier money? Do they own thier own business? If so, why not make them proud and show an interest, learn the ropes ect.

    You make not be academic, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are useless.

    Do yourself a favour, do not run away. Especially to London, the most expensive city in the country, right before the Olympics, when everything is getting more expensive.. All you're proving is that you are scared, unable to cope with reality and to be honest, stupid. Stay at home and DO something.
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    It sounds like a trip to the zoo for you to see what poor people are like. Well you'd be there for longer, so perhaps it would be closer to say it'd be like you're going on safari.
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    Join one of the forces.
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    Joining the armed forced may not be a bad idea.
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    To answer your question, if you become homeless in London, then your options include the park bench, a shop doorway and of course, the classic, behind the industrial size shop bin/skip, though you'll have stiff competition from crackheads.
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    Changing environment can be hugely beneficial, particularly if you've not had to work hard or pull your weight in life. "Running" away to London on the other hand will not help. If you moved with support and a concrete plan, then it may be useful - but simply running away to become yourself is ridiculous, as you're running away from your failings in the hope of stumbling upon success. It's also an immature, selfish and rash action - behaviour that is probably what's holding you back from being successful in the first place. Success isn't hard, it just requires determination, understanding ones responsibility - be that revising for an exam, or meeting targets in a business, whatever - and a great deal of blood, sweat and tears.
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    It's possible you're a troll, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, because it's possible you're just naiive, and that's not your fault.

    Very few people in the world, possibly no-one, has ever really done a Bruce Wayne - gone from a rich family, 'experienced hardship and independence', then come back a better person. There are some fantastic stories about people born into difficult conditions, and who have come through it to become rich and famous. They are amazing people, but very much in the minority - they are amazing exactly because it's so difficult to get out of a cycle of poverty. There is nothing attractive about homelessness. You will be a target for drug dealers, human traffickers, gangs, vulnerable to disease, lonely, cold, wet - you might live like that for years, or be dead in a month.

    That said, it sounds like it would do you good to get away. Swallow your pride and accept your family's money for now (one day I'm sure you'll be capable of repaying them), and maybe move out and get an everyday job to fund yourself, then find out what you really care about. There must be something. Alternatively, you could go backpacking. I wouldn't impose on your friend - they have their own life to lead.

    Don't give a second thought to your friends. Just because they are lawyers doesn't mean you can't be something. It's possible you are clinically depressed, in which case see your GP, but if not, lose weight, get out there and do something. You only get what you work for. If you want to experience hardship and independence, half of it is the mental attitude.

    Hope you do make it eventually
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    Firstly, I'm sorry you feel this way. Have you spoken to anyone about how you feel? I bet they can tell you something you're good at. Why don't you try some volunteer work in various places, it might help you to discover what yo want to do.

    What is it you find so hard about the exams? Is it the reading and writing? Or just the pressure and stress?
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    (Original post by Strangeclouds)
    To answer your question, if you become homeless in London, then your options include the park bench, a shop doorway and of course, the classic, behind the industrial size shop bin/skip, though you'll have stiff competition from crackheads.
    Or he could be one of the bums who sleeps on the grass outside euston station... the one people walk past despite the possibility of him being dead :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Stevo112)
    Or he could be one of the bums who sleeps on the grass outside euston station... the one people walk past despite the possibility of him being dead :rolleyes:
    he could even try and join those Romanian gypsies who all hang out around Marble Arch. I work near there and they all sit on the pavement showing their handicaps...one man has no legs, another has no toes, another has something really wrong with her stomach... OP can show everyone his GCSE certificates!

    Seriously tho OP, you can't really expect to get anywhere if you don't apply yourself. Find a part time job while you figure out what you want to do in the mean time. Talk to your parents aswell who will only be more than willing to help you get back on track. Running away won't prove anything to anyone except that you have no sense whatsoever.
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    Get out to the world and live a little, as my dad always said 'build some character.' May sound a bit corny and cliche, but never give up, because quitting should never be an option (it's true). Get off your ass and get fit, get some qualifications and get a job, that's the only way in this world.
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    Ok firstly reverse snobbery and snobbery really irritate me. The OP (if not trolling) has recognised a probelm and is trying to deal with it...granted not it the best way, but still the first step is recognised.

    In general, people who are rich, lazy and spoilt....know they are rich, but as far as they are concerned have never been lazy and spoilt.

    I suggest that your realization is better that it came sooner rather than later. I think investigating a position in any potential family business is a good one. If not an option, you need to sit down and think to yourself what you want to do with your life. You only have one, so dont waste it. It wont come to your immediately. Make small changes throughout your day, have some structure to your day and dont allow yourself to mope around and comfort eat.

    Most importantly, dont compare your life to others....you have no idea what their journey is all about. Don't be so down hearted on yourself although allow yourself some time to reflect. Everyone feels low every now and again.

    Trying to plan your life too far in advance, often doesn't work because life doesn't work that way. Work hard, keep focussed but also enjoy your life too. Keep your priorities in the right order....money is not everything.
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    You must walk before you can run.....stop looking at others around you, pick your arse up with the rest of you and go do what you wish to do..... Not everyone is good at academic things.... Heck there are quite a few non educated people out there who are millionaires.... Just go do what you enjoy.
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    Running away wont prove any point. Maybe the excess weight is making you feel worthless? Because ive actually experienced what it is like, my first year of a levels didnt go so well mainly because I used to eat so much junk food, which made me gain weight and not want to come to school, maybe losing weight can make you feel active and want to study

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my E10i
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    I don't think it counts as running away if you're 21.


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