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How to use extra paper in an exam

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    I know I'm probably going to get negged for mentioning the words 'extra' and 'paper' together but:

    I've never asked for extra paper in an exam before and I'm retaking a module which had really small spaces to write in last time. So how do you use extra paper - do you have to get a separate bit for each question you need it for? Or write the end of several questions on the same sheet? Then what happens at the end, do you get a tag or something? Where do you tag them?

    Apologies if this seems obvious, I'd just rather not try to have this discussion with an invigilator in the middle of an exam.
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    that is a good question,
    it varies from exam to exam but the main thing to remember is the write the question number down!

    You put your hand up and ask for the paper. if you're using it for several questions write which question the end of the answer is for on the paper, you don't need to have a separate piece for each. Also towards the end of the exam the invigilator will come round and hole-punch the corner of your exam paper and give you a tag to connect them together.

    Just a bit of advice; the paper will need to be filled in with your name and centre number etc, do this after the exam is over, the invigilator will allow this. It wastes crucial time in the exam having to fill out the front of the additional answer booklet.

    I advise asking for the paper a few minutes before you actually need it, because the invigilators take a while to bring it to you...
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    Thanks guys, hopefully it should be ok tomorrow


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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