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How lenient are universities with people who miss their offers?

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    So basically I've got a conditional offer for the Modern European Languages course at Liverpool uni, normal offer is ABB but because I passed their scholars scheme they've reduced my offer to BBC.

    I'm studying French, German and English Language at A Level right now, and the conditions of my offer are that the two B's have to be in French and German and the C has to be in English.

    My worry is this: I'm predicted A's in French and English, however in German I'm only predicted a C. In every single past paper I've done for German, and in my mock, I've got a C. No matter how much work I put in and how much revision I do, I can't seem to break through to a B.

    I'm hoping there are a few things that will work in my favour if I don't get a B come results day. Firstly, I have to travel between two sixth forms right now on opposite sides of the city every day, as my school don't teach German A Level. Secondly, I started the course five weeks late because they couldn't find a place for me anywhere because German isn't very popular as an A Level these days. Therefore, I missed pretty much all of the basics of grammar (which I was never taught at GCSE thanks to my awful teacher) and as hard as I've tried I've never been able to catch up.

    I've also been working on other things such as the scholarship scheme where I had to attend uni lectures and write university standard essays etc, and I attended a week long residential course in Cambridge for French.

    I guess I'm kinda hoping that they won't be too caught up on the B in German, and they'll let me in with AAC rather than BBC. :confused:

    Thoughts? Sorry if this is a bit long, it's the first time I've posted here
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    These things, afiak, vary according to course and depending on the uni. For instance, if the course is very undersubscribed then the uni might be more lenient, whereas if theyve got a pile of ABB applicants on the waiting list then you'll be liess likely to be considered. But even you've noted your individual circumstances - this isn't the kind of thing anyone else can really give you advice on.

    If you are really concerned you won't get the grade, a short email to the applications admin at the uni shouldnt hurt. But I doubt they'll be able to change the conditions of your offer, they'll only be able to ressure you the exact rigidity of their terms. Beyond that, I'd suggest you work your arse off trying to get the grade, and deal with what happens on results day.
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    email them.


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