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Do your predicted grades from the first IB year affect your final predicted grade?

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    (Original post by ahmahmahmedoglu)
    Depends on your school. Some schools use mocks at end of first year and just take the grade from there. Some take that into account, together with other data. Some just use teacher's judgment. Ask your tutor/IB coordinator!
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    I have a question: I'm currently studying Yr 12 IB and I have just finished my end of year exams, my teachers told me that I can improve my predicted grades in term 1,2 of year 13. The thing is I'm not really sure how much can my predicted grades improved and would the admissions office put my predicted grade above of what I have got for my Yr 12 result?

    Because I've got not so good marks so I really want to know if I do well in my term 1,2 of year 13 would it make any difference ^^
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    It would be a very foolish teacher who only uses mock results for predictions. Considering that they themselves know about the extent of coursework, TOK, world lit. etc..., and that almost everyone did rushed night before revision for them. Although they will be the only indicator that is actually on paper, they will take into account your improvement throughout the course and in-class tests etc. So don't panic if mocks weren't great, and at the end of the day, this is IB, whose markers are known to be wildly erratic, so a paper which your teacher gives a 4 may actually be a 7!!!


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Updated: June 17, 2012
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