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Geography OCR B 18th June GCSE

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    (Original post by simibean)
    What did you get in your coursework and SDME?
    SDME 52/60 A
    Coursework 53/60 A
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    (Original post by GAB)
    SDME 52/60 A
    Coursework 53/60 A
    I got exactly the same as you
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    Can someone tell me how i did please

    Question 1

    1)In stage one, the total pop is low and starts to increase. it continues to increase in 2 and 3. In stage 4 is still incrwases slgithy.In stage five is steadys off, is high but then falls.

    2)There is still a high br in stage 2 as there is a high infant mortality so people have more children, there is poor healtjhcare,poor education,poor access to clean water, poor food. Also, people still need lots of children to work on farms

    3) in stage 5 there is a aeging pp which is bad as there may be more tax and increased demand for services. Also it may be overpopulated meaning theres a shortate of education and poor access to healthcare and more money may have to be spent improving these services

    4)the HIV information lets people know how and why they get HIV so they will be more aware and careful, reducing the chances of getting HIV,reducing the DR and increasing the pop. Theafter card would provide people with care after birth so fewer children would die, reducing DR and increasing pop.

    5) the population structure is the structure of the populaton in a country. it is the distribution of the pop and how it's spread out. it tells you hw many elderly,young,economcally eactive ,females and amles there are
    Case Study: Mexico To USA

    Mexico is south of USA and over a million economic migrants migrate there every year. There is 200km border. People want to leave as there is poor healthcare,ducation,jobs, 40% are unemployed asdult literacy rate is 55 and there isn't many opportunties. They want to go to USA as there is better jobs, more opportunities, better health care and better education. But this leads to shortage of jobs and conflict, money is spent sending back to Mexico meaning money is lost from USA economy and money has to be spent on border patrol


    1)All torpical storms form near the equator between the two tropics
    Hurricaines from over the carribean and most storms are in the east of the world

    2)Typhoons form near the eqautor and move away from it. Towards Asia if north of the eqaution and towards oceania if south of the equator

    3)It has a eye at the centre of the storm
    It is spiinign anticlockwise, it has a eye band and it has formed over ther sea

    4) Tropical storms must form near the equator. The water must be at least 27 degress and the water must be at least 60m deep. There must be strong winds and the earth must be rotating. It must form between 5 and 30 degrees latitiude north and south of the equation (in the tropics)

    5)LEDCs suffer more as they can't afford to buy in food and water so more die. Also, they have poorer healthcare so more die. Also, they have poor preperation and response so more die. Also, more people rely on agricultrue so when crops and livestock die, famrers loose income. Buildings are also poorly built so are damaged easier. Also, they don't have the money or rescourses to react straight away, causing more deaths

    Case Study: Hurricaine Katrina, New Orleans, USA,2005

    Hurricaine Katrina hit new orleans which is in the sout east of the USA off the gulf of mexico on the 29th august, 2005. i formed off the south east bahamas where warm water cuased the air above it to expand and rise,creating a area of low pressure. This area of low poressure sucked in more moist are and water vapour creating strong winds which were made to rotate and circulate by the earths rotation,. Large clouds called cumulonibouses formed and they were made to spin by the corioulous effect. They predicted and prepared for it using radar,satteletites,computer simulations and evacutated people. But only 70-80% left and 20-30% stayed. Also businesses and home owners borded up windows. however, they bulit new orelans in low lying land betweent he missipi river and lake pontrachain making it prone to flooding and the levees in east new orleans had previously been damaged. This meant there was lots of flooding and deaths. It wasn't a good response as 300,000 homes were damaged, 230,000 jobs were lost and 1856 died.

    Question 51)Turkey
    2) As the GDP/Person increases the life expectancy increases and infant mortality rate decreases. But there are some exceptions (i explained)
    3)Increasing GDP per person increases Life expectancy as more money can be spent on heath care,food,water and education so people live longer and the life expentacny increases. Increasing GDP lowers infant moratlity rate as more money can be spent of family paning,eduacation,health care and food and water so fewer babaies die and the infant mortality rate falls
    4)Increasing literacyt rate inceases qaulity of life as it means more adults can read and write which means that more children go to school. this is good as it means more people get better jobs with better pay. Ths lso means the governemt will have more money to invest in education,the economy and health services. Also, having more money means people can buy more food,water,sanitation,btter housing and luuxries, improving their quality of life

    5) 11, as it allows you to see what countries are at what stage of development
    11, as it allows you to see who's where and the divide between them

    6)recipient countries can become dependent on aid so they don't spend their own money on development and rely on money form other countries
    recipient countries may have to pay the aid back, so any money they accumlate isn't spent on development but repaying aid

    Case Study: Water aid project in Mali
    Mali is a country in the west of Africa. it is one of the worlds porrest nations. 65% of land is semi or fully deserted and only 50% have access to clean water. It has a hot enviroment and there is little rainfull. Wateraid set up a project in Mali in 2000 and now works with seven partner organisations providing clean water,snaaition and hygiene education to 5 out of Mali's eight region. One of the projects was in the slums surrounding Mali. Wateraid,using appropriate technology, finances the areas water network and installed communal tapstands. This is quite sustainable as it can be maintained by locals but they may find it difficult to replace the tapstand so this dents the sustainability of the project. The prject is also good as people are taught how to maintain and raise finance to fund the project so they aren't reliant on water aid. Also, people know what to do and how to do it so in the future they can do it themselves,meaning it's quite sustainable. This has meant that more poeople have clean water and can go to work and no longer need to pay for medicine and search for water. This is turn means people have more money and can invest in their children and services. Also the deaths from direahoel disease in the area has fallen by 65% so the project is quite sustainable
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    I got 48 on the SDME (A) and 57 on the coursework (A*) what UMS and score will i need for the test just gone to get

    1) a A*
    2)a A
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    I got 58 on the SDME-A*
    What grade is 49 on the coursework?
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    (Original post by sheepshap)
    I got 58 on the SDME-A*
    What grade is 49 on the coursework?
    49 is an a, you just got the a, as you need 48 to get one.
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    I got 48 on the SDME (A) and 57 on the coursework (A*) what UMS and score will i need for the test just gone to get

    1) a A*
    2)a A
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    (Original post by Aarongreatbanks)
    I got 48 on the SDME (A) and 57 on the coursework (A*) what UMS and score will i need for the test just gone to get

    1) a A*
    2)a A
    I replied back to your account


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