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People who are "too cool to smile"

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    i see where your coming from, but sometimes it is a confidence issue. I myself smile, as I now have a good set of teeth lol. Prior to that I wouldn't have really smiled as I had braces. Got them removed 5 years ago, ever since smiling away haha

    but yea it's a confidence issue the majority of the time!
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    I think it's mostly to do with confidence issues and being shy. I don't have bad teeth or anything, but I don't smile much, because I feel akward smiling at strangers or people who I don't know very well. But people often mistake people who don't smile much as being stuck up. But on the whole, people who smile appear to be much friendlier and approachable than non-smiling people
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    (Original post by Dark Horse)
    People used to say this about me in school. Only instead of putting it down to being "too cool" they put it down to me having no emotions at all, lol.

    The benefit of not smiling is obvious. People are less likely to speak to you. People are less likely to continue to speak to you if you don't smile. This can be good in certain situations.

    Although I wouldn't agree at all that not smiling is cool. Let's be honest, a smiling person is much cooler than a non-smiling one.
    Hello again
    I get that all the time. Even some family members who know me well think that I'm some sort of ice queen or something :/


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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