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Learn other lenguage through videoconference

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    my name is David and I'm from Spain.

    I'm studying English and now is the moment went I have to start speaking with native people.

    So I'm searching a native English speakers that can do a video-conference with me.

    What are the profits for the native people who want to practise with me?

    Besides to make a friend I can help you to practice Spanish speaking.

    So let's go with the conditions:

    to have a good experience and learn a lot, I think is important the interested people have a good videocamera which allow to broadcast good audio and video. Becouse It will make the meetings more funny.

    Also the candidate must have a native domain of English. I think that is better to start in this way. But, in the future, why not

    About me: I have 22 years old and I like play videogames, watch tv series or films, technology, sport, ...

    If you are interesting in a person with who make a friendship and practice another language, please won't doubt to post your request. (This thread isn't only for my request).

    If this works in the future we will be able to make a videoconference with more than two person at once.
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    Nobody thinks that would be useful to do this type of practice?
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    How did everyone find it? I thought it was a pretty decent paper.


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