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Please help - Taking A Level Biology & Chemistry (Maths requirement)

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    Biology doesn't use anything more advanced than gcse maths. Chemistry doesn't at AS, but it gets harder at A2, so you'll probably struggle.
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    To be honest, I haven't noticed much maths at all in Chemistry (AQA). I got a B at GCSE maths and I struggled to begin with in AS Chemistry because I did my GCSE in y10 and didn't have any maths teaching in Y11 at all. However, the maths in Chemistry is mostly formulas (and rearranging formulas, but you can simply memorise the rearranged forms rather than work them out) and converting between units (easy enough if you know what the units mean and have a calculator). There are methods for everything and if you know them you'll be absolutely fine. If you take it and don't do well in the maths you can always drop it after AS. Biology has a bit of stats in it and some simple percentage increase/decrease calculations and working out rate from graphs, but honestly, if you think you can do it, you should go for it. If you're worried try to do some basic maths for them over summer, so if you do get a C in your GCSE you can provide them with evidence as to why you're capable of doing those A-levels.

    Sorry it's a bit long winded
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    (Original post by DonnyPaxton)
    Also what are the majority of Uni Maths requirements at GCSE, a C???
    For most courses it's a C. But I'm looking at marine biology/oceanography and some of the courses asked for a B, so this is probably common for most sciencey degrees.
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    Hi guys!

    Sorry to go off topic but I have just finished AS chemistry and I got a C! I did however get an A in maths GCSE and an A* in chem. Can someone please tell me realistically how bad A2 chemistry is before i do even worse as I want to be a dr. is there any chance of improvement (i plan to resit!) i dont study maths a level and im not naturally good at it either!

    Thanks for your help!
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    (Original post by DonnyPaxton)
    Hi, I am a straight A student in my sciences, and am pretty confident I shall get 3 A's in Biology, Chemistry & Physics at GCSE.

    I want to take A-Level Chemistry & Biology at my schools Sixth Form college.

    I checked the entry requirements for both courses, and the requirements are 5 B's at GCSE, including Maths and English.

    I have already practically got 5 B-A's, and I am confident I shall get a high B, if not an A in English Lit & Language.
    My only problem is that I totally suck at Maths!

    I have already got my C in Maths, when I took the Foundation paper in November, but I did terrible on the Maths higher paper, and I think I shall only get a C.

    I asked my teacher about my A-level courses if I only get a C in Maths, and she reckons that if I beg them, my Sixth Form college shall let me take Biology and Chemistry, and re-sit Maths again in the November exam to get my B.

    I am very worried that if I don't get a B in Maths I shall be turned away, and what's angry is that I get high B's & A's in every other subject, aside from Maths!!!

    What do you think?
    It sounds like you work really hard and want to do well at your A-levels. Not being great at maths won't make any difference to you taking biology, however for chemistry you will struggle as maths is key. Maybe you should just try and take biology and pick something else instead of chemistry. Trust me - i got an A* in GCSE maths and i still find the maths in AS chemistry challenging. Good luck. x
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    You'll be fine with AS chemistry but A2 chemistry has a LOT of maths in it that is more advanced than a-level. I got an A at GCSE and didn't take a-level maths and I'm really struggling with the maths side.
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    How about doing psychology instead of chemistry? It is classed as a science however no maths is required (i think) I'm in yr 11 now and want to go to sixth form, I'm not a massive fan of maths but want to go to medical school and so have to a get a A in maths at A level :0 I'm pretty sure I'm going to get B or A at GCSE and I'm VERY determined to do medicine so I've basically decided to up revision I reckon if you really want to do something you can as long as you put in the extra work for it good look Hun xxx
    Oh and I'm gonna hopefully be doing maths, biology, chemistry and psychology at six from ^.^


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