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Unsociable forever.

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    Im fairly shy, I can go for months without contacting anyone and be perfectly fine. I dont feel a need to contact people or meet up with them.

    Pretty much all contact is initiated by them rather than me and so are meet ups.

    Is anyone else like this? what impact does it have on your friendships?

    I would also like to clarify some points

    if they text or call I do make an effort to chat with them, I don't leave one word answers that will kill the convo or anything like that.

    I show up for meet ups most of the time (if it is going pub then I dont go, I live far away and have to drive so while they get hammered I sit there like a lemon.)

    If I am the first to make contact then I feel its more forced than me wanting to. I get the feeling I should drop a text so I am not forgotten rather than me wanting to chat.
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    You should go a bit deeper into the issue to find out why you act like you do. Do you not find the conversations you have interesting, so you don't bother? Is it because you're worried about doing something wrong? You don't want to centre attention on yourself?

    Shyness or unsociability is often something that has a cause. You learned to behave that way for some reason or another. If you want to, there's always the option to behave differently.


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