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Trying to do a loop in javascript

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    I have 5 editable fields for an app, but to execute the code i need to do a check to see if all 5 are filled, if 4 are filled different code to execute is needed

    So anyone know how i can do a loop for a check field 5 = null
    loop back to field 4 and check field 4 = to null (if not equal to 4 run code)
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    I'm not quite sure what logic you're after, your post is a bit confusing TBH. It sounds like you'd be better off using an if/else statement, or a switch, rather than a loop. :erm:
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    (Original post by georgeyboy18)
    ...if 4 are filled different code to execute is needed...
    I hope this is for practical purposes rather than because your execution code can't handle checking to determine the quantity of inputs?

    In any case an if/else would work, but a loop can also work. You'd want to have your inputs labelled with a numerical identifier descending from 5. Something like:

    while ($x>0) {
    if (value-in-input$x != "") {
    // Forward to this $handler[$x]
    } else {


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Updated: June 15, 2012
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