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What to do when you tell somebody you love them but they dont love you

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    With my ex I knew i loved him I had the strongest feelins I have ever had, there was no doubt that from the start i loved him even when we were friends i loved him but i refrained from telling him, he told me he loved me about 4 months after being together ( granted now he only said it to get me to have sex with him )
    He broke my heart
    I never thought id love anybody again

    Got with the new boyfriend I didnt feel anything like I did with the ex then i just realised i only was so in love with my ex as he was my first boyfriend and I spent everyday with him, while my currently boyfriend works full time and we see each other once a week for about 2 hours and thats it. However after 6months I did think I was in love with him he kept jokingly saying do you love me blah blah and one day I told him i did, he just said 'aww' I know theres no set time to love somebody but its been 3 months since i said it and hes said nothing. I even asked him if he had feelings for me and he ignored the question he says he likes me but he wont even admit to having any sort of affection for me.

    Its awkward ive admitted I love him when he feels nothing part of me thinks if he doesnt develop some sort of feelings for me in the next few months or shows me any affection by say Septmember im going to break up with him is this fair?


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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