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How is protein produced from mRNA? Please help

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    I am really hoping that someone can help me? I am not very good at protein synthesis and I have a questin that I am stuck on "Starting with the MRNA in the nucleus of the cell, describe how a molecule of protein is produced". I need to eloborate on 6 key points here, but I am confused as to whether to mention transcription, translation etc. Is there anyone who can help me? I would really appreciate it, as I do not even know the 6 points so do not know what to elaborate on x
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    Do I only have to talk about the translation process? Or is there anything after that? x
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    Post translational modifications i.e. excision of introns & the addition of the cap and tail
    exportation through the nuclear envelope
    binding of the first ribosomal subunit, then the second
    addition of met-tRNA
    translation of nacent polypeptide

    ..Hope this helps, I'm sure it's not that hard if you find a biochemistry book or something or even the internet
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    Enjoy. I take no responsibility for you failing by watching this too much.


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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