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Waiting for final degree grade.

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    Anybody else waiting or had their final degree grades? Im averaging 59.5 and i dont get my grade until next Tuesday!!

    SOO soo nervous!!
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    I got to wait til July so be thankful.
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    July???? what uni are you in? I know I get my breakdown grades in July but i thought every uni gave out the classifications in June
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    Yeah July, the board of examiners meet In July and results are published 2 days after that date.

    So long.

    To be honest my last exam was on 1st June
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    Yes, I get mine next Tuesday (the 19th)

    So nervous! No sleep for me the night before :p: Thankfully they are released online at 6am so I don't have to agonise all morning waiting for the post etc.
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    We were told we'd get ours at 12pm on June 1st, when they actually appeared around 5pm on May 31st! I appreciated them being early, but it also took me by complete surprise as I'd pepped myself up for finding them out on the Friday. Craziest hour of my life.

    Good luck everyone
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    I'm also waiting. My average is 69.79....so DYING to know what they gonna do, round up or down :/ very nervous!
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    Get my results next thursday, seriously hoping for a 2.1. Only time will tell....
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    (Original post by mel-j-16)
    I'm also waiting. My average is 69.79....so DYING to know what they gonna do, round up or down :/ very nervous!
    Woah.. good luck!
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    (Original post by JongKey)
    Woah.. good luck!

    Thanks! Gonna need it! lol
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    The suspense is killing me because I don't know anything except my dissertation mark.
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    Good luck everyone!! I was bricking it this time last year.
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    I get mine on Wednesday. Terrified!
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    Mine are published tomorrow, quite nervous..
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    Waiting till July, so not much point thinking about it. What makes it worse is I have to go into my uni to find out my result.
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    They haven't gave us our final mark yet so effectively they are producing suspense in that we can calculate our potential grade but don't know if we are doing it right. It is considerably stressful to be honest. I hope they put up classifications today! we aren't able to register for graduation until we sort that out!
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    Get mine next Wednesday (20th). We had our pass list released a few days ago so that was just confirmation of what I already knew. Now I just want to know what I got, damnit!
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    I'm waiting until the 26th I think, and I should get a 2:1 unless I've seriously messed up my dissertation. I keep thinking there's a CHANCE I could get a first, but I would have had to got about 80% on my dissertation and a similar mark on my exam, and I don't see that happening because I haven't got that grade for a long time.

    But mid 60s would be good for me. I just want to know then I can stop stressing out about it!

    EDIT: I got my 2:1!
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    29th I think. Average of 70.1%. Nervous doesn't even describe it.
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    I've had all my grades back so I'm certain about which classification I will get, but we won't get official confirmation of that till the end of the month I think... good luck for everyone else though


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Updated: July 16, 2012
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