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Advice Needed Please!

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    Falling in Love for the first time is always the best moment for the lives of many individuals. I'm gay and 19 going on 20...currently experiencing my first relationship. I've never wanted more than one relationship, falling in Love for the first time was also going to be my last time. Whether this is a realistic thought I don't know.. What I do know is I can't even think about breaking up with my partner.

    A little background information as to how we met to help the quality of advice I receive from you guys from TSR. So the partner is not actually originally from the UK..my dad was advertising for a job and he got the post. The first day I met him I fell for him. Love at first sight if you want to call it that. He added me as a friend on Facebook and we got talking..didn't know he was gay. We talked every single day for 3 months at which point he told me he was gay and asked me if I'd consider being his boyfriend. I still believe it was all meant to be, we have so much in common. Been together for under a year to cut it short he proposed and I said Yes.

    The problem is regarding freedom and restrictions in the relationship. I love him more than anything and keep him happy in every way imaginable. However things lately have been goin downhill, I'm totally heartbroken that the relationship is going through a hard patch right now. I've had countless sleepless nights and after the argument two days ago suffered a sudden heart pain which I can't explain. I love him to the point of jealousy. Seeing someone even speak with him makes me really jealous it gets unbearable. I am overprotective and he has a huge ego...as you can imagine its not a great combination.

    I'd be really interested to know what restrictions you have in a relationship?

    The other problem is in the past we've both had friends with benefits...both have had one. The thing is the guy I used to see was also my best friend and weirdly enough it's the same for my partner. However contact with my friend ended a while ago.. There was no love involved. However my partner still speaks regularly with his "friend" and admitted at the time he loved him. Recently in the relationship he has accused me of still having thoughts and feelings for my best friend which I denied. I can't help feel though that this is still the case between him and his "friend".

    I just feel his love for me is decreasing. I can't stand the thought of Breaking up. After every argument I'm always the one to say sorry about 100 times. In anger he's said he's wanted to break up but I know he doesn't mean it. I always beg and say I'm sorry.

    I really need advice on how to save this relationship, save the dreams I have of getting married and having a life with my first love. This relationship ends I know I won't ever get over it.

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    You need to get out, you're loosing your identity to an image of the boyfriend he wants.
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    sit down with your bf and talk things out, and you must both be honest. If you do this you should be able to work it out and find a solution.

    Relationships end because one of them assumes something and acts on it (most commonly, believes the other person doesn't have the same feelings they once did, sleeps with someone else).


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Updated: July 15, 2012
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