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What is geography like at a-level?

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    Basically what is it like compared to gcse, also is it hard? I plan on taking maths, economics and psychology along with geography at a-level but I'm not 100% sure yet. Thanks
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    A memory game.
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    You'll get essay questions so if you don't like them , I don't recommend it.
    Your knowledge from GCSE is expanded with slightly more detail, you'll have to write more to get the marks.
    I've just completed my AS year and I found Geography enjoyable, but obviously that depends on the person. I'm taking it on for A2 by the way
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    its harder, a lot harder.
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    (Original post by physicshelpme)
    Basically what is it like compared to gcse, also is it hard? I plan on taking maths, economics and psychology along with geography at a-level but I'm not 100% sure yet. Thanks
    It's tough compared to GCSE, but it also depends on which exam board you'll be taking it with. I do Edexcel Geog, and just had my final A2 exam today. Just to let you know the A2 edexcel papers are horrible, but it is worth taking!
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    I took GCSE and A-Level Geography.

    I took GCSE geog and didn't really enjoy it, but when I got to sixth-form there was a slight mishap with my timetable and I basically took AS geog because I had no other choice. I wasn't looking forward to it but LOVED it so carried it on to A2 - it became my favourite subject :awesome:

    It's a lot harder, but a lot more rewarding. It's a lot more applicable to other subjects, too - you can link A-Level geography in with business, politics, economics, history, even sociology and psychology when you are looking at human geography. We look at current issues like natural hazards, climate change, sustainability, how to prevent pollution, issues in China/Africa, issues of world development... It is so interesting, and if you get great teachers like I fortunately did that it can be really fun, too.

    In yr.12 you do some personal research as a class and then in yr.13 you can do your own, which is really hard work but great fun.

    Although it is hard, a lot of it is easy to understand. It's not like in Psychology or Sociology for example where there are strict theories you need to know by the letter - for a lot of the topics you use your common sense and can apply your own knowledge to. Also once you learn something, it's fairly easy to remember, you just need to be good at remembering case studes :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps

    BTW the guy who posted the crayons shouldn't have got negged, colouring maps is indeed a big part of geography!! :P
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    Tbh, we just had the exam today and I find it relatively easy in comparison to some other subjects. It's no walk in the park though, you have got to be clued up on how countries operate and why they do. It also helps if you remember key facts and figures in exams. As it's Essay based, your structure is important also.

    But I would certainly advise going for it


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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