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Private Accommodation Near LCC

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    I am starting at LCC in september doing BA undergraduate Journalism, i have been offered halls but they are pretty far, so i am looking into private house share. Is anyone after similar? I am hoping to be near enough to elephant and castle so the max journey time is 10minutes. Zones 1+2 and other than that I'm easy. If anyone is looking for someone to occupy a room let me know, or if you want to group up let me know.
    If anyone has any experience from when they started at uni getting private accommodation i would love to hear your stories any advice is also welcome!
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    hi i am also studding at LCC and studying undergraduate photography and looking into private house share im trying to find some other students to work this out
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    I'm also starting at LCC studying BA Photography this September and I didn't get the halls I applied for. Have either of you had any luck finding somewhere or grouping up yet?
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    I'm also starting in sep on Interaction and moving image. Desperately looking for others to buddy up with and find a house. Looking at £100-£150 per week either in Brixton/Camberwell or Peckham. Been on Student lon site and housing lon site and doesn't seem to be many LCC students looking not had much luck finding fellow students?
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    hey im doing BA journalism as well and am in the same situation..is it possible i join your flatshare??

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    So there are a few of us after somewhere to stay! Not really sure how to go about sorting it out, never done anything like this before!
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    I propose we all meet in a cafe somewhere in London?
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    Hey guys,

    A bit of a longshot, but I figured it might be of some use to you:

    I've got two rooms to let out in Brixton from August 13-31. If any of you are looking for somewhere to stay temporarily while you find another flat (i.e. if you're coming in from out of town), this might be a great place to start your hunt.
    We're looking at around 150/week, but there is a 'big' room and a 'small' room (both are a very reasonable size) so we're happy to negotiate on price.

    Please get in touch if you have any questions. If not, best of luck with the flat hunt!
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    I applied for halls back in April and only heard back a few weeks ago and I haven't had my letter of confirmation yet. They sent me an email saying what I needed to do next like setting up my student email address etc. and that had my ID in it. When I didn't get into the halls I wanted I called them and the woman said over 300 people were still waiting to be offered a place in halls so I don't think you're on your own! Maybe give the student services a call and see if they can track what's going on with your application? Good luck!


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