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    Which one out of these two do you prefer bodywise? Skinny or more curvy? And would you rather go for super slim girls or the curvier but by no means fat?

    Also: What are your thoughts on SUPER curvy for example "the nicki minaj ass"?
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Name:	kelly-brook-looks-really-good-in-a-bikini.jpg 
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    My figure is more like the first one but all the time I hear lads saying they prefer the second body type. In fairness she does look hot and I wish I could be a little curvier sometimes.
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    Defo curvy :sexface:

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    Wouldn't mind both :P

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    Second one. Glorious teddies.

    wood motorboat
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    One one the right definitely, one on the left needs a good meal.
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    The second, but it's a fairly close call. Both are hot.
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    what about this? Do most guys prefer a bigger ass?
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    Both are good looking women, but I personally find Kelly Brook's body more attractive.
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    Nikki minaj's ass is way too big, looks really weird, maybe black guys dig it tho....

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    girl on the right- mmmm
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    Girl on the right > Girl on the left.
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    Second one... :coma:
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    Second one. Do not want the first one.

    Nicki Minaj... wife material figure
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    first one well peng
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    Hm, my body is definitely more like the first one too...

    But I agree with the majority, Kelly Brook's gorgeous!
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    Silly question :rolleyes:


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