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    close + delete pls
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    My toshiba c650d satelitte notebook has broken.

    The computer shop (my mate said)

    "It is a graphics problem as i thought it would. Its gonna be 70 pounds to repair. What do you wanna do?"

    I said

    "what needs replacing gpu?"

    He said

    "Well you cant replace that unless you replace the board. But we are going to repair the graphics chip on the board"

    Is this all true?
    If it's a graphics problem then yes you'd need to replace the whole motherboard or repair it (as the graphics are integrated - not a separate dedicated graphics card).
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    does £70 sound reasonable?

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    Not sure about that, sorry. I guess you could ask toshiba how much they'd do it for to see how reasonable it is?

    How much did you buy the laptop for and how long ago?
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    There are several things a third-party can legitimately do to repair a laptop display problem:
    1) Check if it works on an external monitor
    2) Run manufacturers test/diagnosis software on it
    3) Check/replace the cable
    4) Check/replace the backlight/inverter
    5) Check/replace the screen
    6) Apply a software/operating system fix

    It makes no sense to say, "repair the graphics chip on the board." You wouldn't repair something unless it's damaged. A damaged graphics chip is unrepairable.

    I would go back and ask them to break down the costs into labour charge and cost of parts. £70 for a new screen, fitted, is a really, really good price. If it's £70 for labour only, chances are he isn't even going to take a screwdriver to it. It'll likely be a software fix.
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    tested 1-6 myself before

    It's certainly a component, can't even boot into bios (this aside 1-6 was tested where possible)

    What do you mean you can't fix a damaged graphics chip (can anyone else confirm this)??

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    Really!? You ran the manufacturers diagnostic test program on the computer? Just look up the error code it gave you and should will know what the problem is then. You obviously don't need my help.


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Updated: June 14, 2012
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