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Scared I'll never have kids

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    I'm 18 and I always envisaged having kids with my now ex, we had been together for ages and I just presumed we would naturally grow up to find ourselves in the situation of having kids.

    However we broke up and she kind of just let it come out of the blue, I know I'm only 18 but reality kind of hit me. i can no longer take for granted the fact that I may have kids or get married

    I guess it just scares me a little. Anybody else terrified they will never get the chance to have kids or get married?

    What if I don't meet that person again?
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    You're 18... :lolwut: I've heard of 35-year-old women hearing their 'biological clock' tick but...
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    Must of been quite a relationship
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    I've been through that! You are only 18 so you have to realise you do have plenty of time and idealy you should get financially stable first so that you can enjoy the time with your future kids without worries about money
    If you and your ex broke up then it obviously wasn't meant to be. I believe things happen for a reason, so in a few years you will hopefully meet your perfect partner and it will be worth the heartbreak that you are going through at the moment.
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    As others have said, you're 18. EIGHTEEN. Honestly, shush, you have tons of time.
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    You just came out of a relationship.

    I can guarantee you, that once you're over her, your feelings about this will change.
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    Why would you want kids? They are not worth it. If you really want them that badly then there is nothing to worry about, seeing as you are only 18 and have plenty of time to acquire the resources necessary to have children.
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    your 18. you've got plenty of time to find the right one. and thats pretty good as time is the best healer


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