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math c2 june 2012

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    anyone got an unofficial mark scheme for june 2012 c2 maths??? thanking yooouusseee in advance, hope it went well for everyone!
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    Please can you guys stop talking about the maths exam that we did this morning your giving away obvious answers to other international kids which will affect the grade boundaries for the maths june 2012 exam. Do you really want to carry on discussing what you got for each answer? Because think what you're doing your spoiling it for everyone else. Also you guys actually remind me of little kids for example "what did you get for number 1?" "is my answer correct to that question?". Please can you at least wait till 12:00 am and then discuss it otherwise if you carry on discussing it your going to spoil it for everyone by making the grade boundaries go up. Finally stop talking about this exam no more what did you get for that question oh is my question right? You can discuss that all at 12:00am i'm sure you can hold on that long!
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    wow chill your beans mate!!!! :eek:

    we did that exam ages ago so sooorrryyyy if your stuck in a time warp lol!
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    (Original post by ahussaing)
    Ok then... -.-

    (Original post by redhead:))
    wow chill your beans mate!!!! :eek:

    we did that exam ages ago so sooorrryyyy if your stuck in a time warp lol!
    For which exam board?

    -Putch =)


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Updated: June 14, 2012
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