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Is my girlfriend pregnant?

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    I had sex with my girlfriend about 4 days ago.. it was only our second time so we thought we'd play it safe and use extra safe condoms. But this morning she spewed and doesn't seem ill at all, it was totally random. Is she pregnant? She's not on the pill or anything by the way.
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    Contrary to popular belief, morning sickness generally doesn't appear for about six weeks

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    Were you 'extra safe' for your first time? She wouldn't show symptoms after 4 days...
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    She threw up?

    Yes, she's definitely pregnant. No need for a test don't worry, asking TSR is more conclusive than over-the-counter tests and blood tests combined.
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    lol @ the OP thinking that 4 days is enough time for her to have morning sickness
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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    lol @ the OP thinking that 4 days is enough time for her to have morning sickness
    That's nothing; a friend of mine allowed himself to be fooled by his girlfriend into thinking she was pregnant because "she was feeling sick and her boobs got bigger". Within a month. She was on the pill. I ask you.

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    Highly unlikely , especially after such a short time
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    lol -no, after 4 days she is unlikely to be puking due to pregnancy.
    she could be be puking bacause of alcohol consumption, if she is on her period, that may be the cause. she could have a stomach bug or be nervous about something-exams?
    or she could have randomly puked for no reason/drank too much soda.


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