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Hollister Job Application

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    Hi guys,

    I'm interested in applying for Hollister, despite the controversy over whether they discriminate and whether everyone in there is vain and 'stuck-up', I'm interested in applying, mainly because i like the clothes there and i like the idea of having short work hours (as i'm fairly busy). However I'm confused as to whether you MUST be approached to be offered a job in Hollister or whether you can actually ask a member of the store whether you could fill out an application? If it helps I'm 6'1, Male, Dark/brown hair and fairly muscular/toned and athletic.

    Thanks a lot!
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    you can apply to work in store ask any of the memebers of staffs, and theres little computers by the till where you can fill in an application
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    Hi I was recently employed there here are a few questions they ask :

    Describe Hollister in 3 Words
    I said - Awesome Diverse Cheeky

    Explain how you you would fit into Hollister
    I said something a bit cheeky - I have a soft face so it will invite customers to talk to me and I'm tall and approachable so customers would have an easy time asking for help.

    How would friends describe you in 3 words
    Talkative Bubbly Energetic

    Then they ask you to say the tag line
    Add on something extra to the end not to long though
    I said Hey welcome to Hollister 'check out out all our hot new clothes'

    It's just about being fun and bubbly but not trying to hard if that makes sense. In terms of the enviroment best job by far I've worked at however the pay is just about okay and at my store they aren't giving regular shifts so it's annoying.

    This is just my personal experience don't let it change your mind too much hope I helped!

    Pay is £6.50/h at my store. London Westfield.


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Updated: July 5, 2012
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