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University Society Ideas!!

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    Hey, a thread really for all those ideas for societies you've been in, would like to be in or want to make!
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    Table Tennis
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    After watching the Olympics I want to join the beach volleyball society
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    I definitely want to join the creative writing society
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    A sci-fi society wouldn't go amiss. Also quite fancy joining the acting society (ok, I don't just "fancy" joining it, I need to join it for the sake of my sanity and general health), creative writing, debate society, scuba diving, pharmacy, oh, loads of things.
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    Fencing, swimming, riding, polo...
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    The student cinema. Where else can you go and watch all the summer blockbusters at dirt cheap prices?! . Every university should have one :yep:
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    Archery! Seriously considering this in 2nd year as I was way too boring in 1st year!
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    I'd like an alternative thinker society... im talking 9/11.. 7/7 ... Frankfurt subversion techniques. Controversial ****, but i take hope in that atleast some other people know whats going on in the world.

    If not that, a gym related socirty.
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    I did various sports societies, band/rock/metal soc, beer/real ale soc etc.

    There are hundreds to choose from, you should be able to maintain a good presence at 3 or 4 if you choose ones that don't clash horribly.
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    Real ale society! Sheffield Hallam doesn't have one, so it looks like I'll have to try and get one together.

    Whoever said Table Tennis is bang on the money!
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    Drinking, drinking, and more drinking.

    It's all any of them are about. Unless they're LARP of course.
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    Quidditch Society! I don't think there is one at my university though
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    Euro Millions Society.
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    Musical theatre soc is a must for me and also Creative Writing and the uni radio station
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    Pole Dancing! Definitely.

    Also - some choral singing
    and Musical Theatre/Drama

    and possibly Comtemporary dance/Ballet/Jazz/Modern/Lyrical
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    We have a poetry society at Leeds Met, thinking of expanding. Thoughts and ideas?
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    NWO (New World Order)
    Takin' over the world baby.

    On a more serious note, a teetotal society or non-drinkers society would be nice, believe it or not I'm from Preston which is believed to be the origin of the word 'teetotal' itself and even at my university in Preston there is no such society. It's a disgraceful ignoring of history to be honest.
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    if you look at it most unis have loads so your bound to found one you like


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Updated: July 10, 2014
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