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Mr M’s Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Higher Linear Paper 2 Answers June 2012

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    Mr M’s Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A Higher Linear Paper 2 Answers June 2012

    1. Parallel lines

    133 degrees

    Angles on a straight line sum to 180 degrees

    Corresponding (or alternate) angles are equal (3 marks)

    2. Calculator

    a) 43.736 (2 marks)

    b) 40 (1 mark)

    3. Questionnaire

    a) Any two of: overlapping time periods; no option for more than 4 hours; no option for 2-3 hours; doesn’t say time period (2 marks)

    b) Improved question with non-overlapping boxes and a time period specified (2 marks)

    4. Linear graph

    Correct graph drawn (3 marks)

    5. Garden

    5 boxes - full working needed (5 marks)

    6. Potatoes

    Farm shop - full working needed (4 marks)

    7. Scatter graph

    a) Negative (1 mark)

    b) 11 km (2 marks)

    8. Transformations

    a) Correct rotation (right angle at (4, -1)) (2 marks)

    b) Correct enlargement (right angle at (7, 2)) (3 marks)

    9. Holiday money

    51 (3 marks)

    10. Inequalities

    a) -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 (2 marks)

    b) x < 3.25 (2 marks)

    11. Trial and improvement

    4.6 (4 marks)

    12. Biased dice

    120 (2 marks)

    13. Mean from frequency table

    28.25 minutes (4 marks)

    14. Algebra

    a) p^2+5p-36 (2 marks)

    b) w=-2 (3 marks)

    c) (x+7)(x-7) (1 mark)

    d) 3x^4y^{\frac{3}{2}} (2 marks)

    15. Water meter

    Yes he should get the meter - full working needed (5 marks)

    16. Trigonometry

    48.2 degrees (3 marks)

    17. Compound interest

    £6676.72 (3 marks)

    18. Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry

    16.5 cm (5 marks)

    19. Standard form

    4.9 \times 10^{-5} (3 marks)

    20. Changing the subject

    t=\frac{2d-7}{6} (3 marks)

    21. Proof

    Show expression simplifies to 24n so it is a multiple of 8 (3 marks)

    22. Quadratic formula

    x = 1.72 or x = -0.387 (3 marks)

    23. Sampling

    a) (i) Any student has an equal chance of being selected

    (ii) Putting names in a hat and drawing them out (or other valid method) (2 marks)

    b) 21 (2 marks)

    24. Area of triangle

    29.3 (5 marks)

    25. Biscuits

    \frac{111}{190} (4 marks)

    26. Vectors

    a) b - a (1 mark)

    b) 0.75b + 0.25a (3 marks)
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    Yes!!!!!! Waited till midnight for that moment
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    (Original post by syd.mclean)
    I think you will find I was first.
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    Haha, waited a long time to see this mark scheme!
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    For question 14 d). is it okay if I wrote 3x^4y√y ?
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    (Original post by ZeqiG)
    For question 14 d). is it okay if I wrote 3x^4y√y ?
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    (Original post by Mr M)
    I think you will find I was first.
    Awfully sorry
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    thank you i think i got between 78-82 depending on how harsh the marking is and if ive included the correct workings
    Non calculator= 55
    135/200, what do you think this will be?
    thanks mr m, such a nice paper!
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    Would putting (a+3b)/4 (as a fraction) be ok for question 26b?
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    can we see the questions aswell i want to remember what question i did to get that specific answer some of them i cant remember
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    Thank you so much, I did really well!
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    (Original post by ColourblindKid)
    Would putting (a+3b)/4 (as a fraction) be ok for question 26b?
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    I thought u had to wait 24 hours
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    For question 10B will i get a mark for putting X=3.25?
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    I'm off to bed now folks but I will answer questions in the morning so you can post them here and I will try to work through them when I get up.
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    (Original post by Mr M)
    Thank you!

    I think I got 97/100, completely messed up question 21
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    would you mind explaining very briefly how you actually get the answer to 25? I think i spend about 20 minutes alone on that question haha (and got it wrong of course!)
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    (Original post by king0617)
    For question 10B will i get a mark for putting X=3.25?
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    Ok thanks a bunch!


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