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What is the most useful A Level?

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    (Original post by xnatsix)
    Leisure and tourism
    Did work on customer service, CV writing, applying for jobs, working abroad ect..
    Maths? How the hell is that goin to be any use, how often do you need to find the equation of a line in real life -.-
    I seriously hope you are joking.

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    [QUOTE=Namige;38175255]I seriously hope you are joking.

    Nope, predicted a A in both and can honestly say I have found Leisure a thousand times more useful in real life
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    Psychology because the curriculum is designed so everything you learn is real world application. Other than that, Maths and Politics come to mind.
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    I'd agree with Psychology for the reasons that others have given and also say Economics for the awareness of what is going on around you. I'd presume Politics for the same reason as well although I've never studied it. Languages I'd say varies depending on how often you go to a country which speaks the language; if you go once a year you'll get much more benefit from having the language than someone who only makes a one off trip or doesn't visit a country speaking the relevant language at all.

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    i thought it was maths...
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    Hmmm...although I do neither, I'd imagine Economics or Psychology to be useful to the average Joe. Possibly even History. The economy is what everyone bases their votes on and psychology as you're meeting people all the time and knowing the (possible) meanings behind how they act could prove beneficial.

    The sciences have given me a profound appreciation of the world, but it's certainly not "useful" in my day to day life. And for all the people saying Maths, really? As fun as it is, how is anything in the A-Level syllabus relevant to life? As far as I can tell, the only part of maths useful to a random person is Arithmetic, and you won't find much of that in A-Levels.
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    (Original post by theking1)
    personally i think all subjects are delightful. And why are getting into racism? We all look the same in the dark.. Can't we all just get along?
    She doesn't even go here!

    ...sorry, it just reminded me of this
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    French :france:
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    I think possibly history. You learn how to write well, think critically and come up with coherent arguments, useful for university essays.

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