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3rd Year Abroad - Thread I

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    6 months in China today! Honestly don't know where the time's gone!

    I'm going to Konstanz in Germany next year

    Is anyone on their placement in Valencia? I'm here on my second placement, but my first placement overlapped with this one and so I missed the introduction weeks and have been finding it hard making friends.

    Thinking about studying abroad in my third year. In my first year and I know it's early but would need to save now if I am going to afford it.

    I want to study in America but have no idea how much money I would need to save. If there is anyone who has studied in America on a year abroad how much money did you need?

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Seems that Granada is quite a bad place for studying.

    Disorganisation is something that I've sort of got used to, but there are things that leave wondering how on Earth so many home students can decide to study here, especially at the faculty where I'm studying.

    Classes are mostly overcrowded, making it hard to teach and learn. Lecturers sometimes talk nonsense and the teaching is centered around them and their scripts, not around the latest research in the field and the interaction in the class. Assessment is another problem. The goal is not to think up an argument or discover something, the goal is to parrot someone, be it a lecturer or an author of a book.

    Written work is a complete crap. As I mentioned above, you just need to parrot someone. You are not allowed to bring on your own ideas for a project, because the examiner doesn't want to think thoroughly when assessing you. You can usually get away with copying and pasting what you found somewhere. No one cares about formatting.

    In an exam, you have to respond to so-called "questions" that usually consist of a word or a phrase. Example: Dissimilation. So what does the examiner want? A definition? Examples? What an old fart in the seventeenth century said about it? You have to guess, but you mostly expected to write down what the lecturer has said, not what you may know. A classmate of mine asked the examiner during the exam what she meant in one of the tasks and she told him off, saying what apart from writing down what is in a book she could want.

    Don't expect any written feedback on your work, it's nonexistent. You'll only get a numerical result.

    If you somehow manage to pass all your exams and progress to graduation, you'll be another unemployable graduate without relevant skills for work, because you'll only know how to parrot someone. Language classes may be a bit different, but I've found people who only progressed because they were going to all their classes and smiling at the lecturer, regardless of how profound their knowledge was.
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    I'm a second year French and Spanish student at Chester, and in April I'm going to work in France for three months, then in September I'll be teaching English in Madrid through 1-to-1 classes with students.

    I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has for me; especially as I didn't go through the British Council Language Assistantship.

    On a slightly unrelated note; I've set up a blog to give advice to uni students thinking about their time abroad, and it will also be a place for me to discuss my experiences abroad. Feel free to check it out! http://typhoonabroad.blogspot.co.uk/


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Updated: March 31, 2014
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