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Traders Policy

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    (Original post by JC.)
    You wont get a traders policy if you've got 6 points for no insurance.
    Much more than two issues on your licence with a code starting "SP" and you've got big problems. Trade policys are very strict on what you can and can't do.
    Some traders policys can restrict the driver in various ways i.e cannot drive a car over 2.0 litres if under 21, but can sit in for a test drive with a punter.

    Trade plates are a seperate issue all together.
    If a car has tax on it, it is illegal to display a trade plate and there's a risk of them being confiscated.
    Trade plates are ONLY to be used as a means of driving a car on the road which has a valid MOT, is being driven on a trade insurance policy, but does NOT have a valid tax disk.
    What on earth are you on about?? My licence is clean, and im not even talking about trade plates, im talking about being a named driver on a traders policy. And the car is a 1.3.
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    They were talking about the potential consequences of having insurance that is not valid. Then JC expanded on this point, and also answered a query about the usage of trade plates. Nobody ever assumed you had 6 points on your licence.
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Updated: June 21, 2012
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