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A story I'm making on the American Civil War

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    Would like any feedback!

    ack Kenneth eyed the Confederate grey uniformed battalions marching out of the town. The War-flags of the Confederates could be clearly seen, with the white stars and blue stripes, and the fine colour of red as the background. The Confederacy had been wakened by the destructive forces of the North. War torn and weary faces were stuck in the battalions. Wounded after the defeat at the Battle of Tennessee. The Confederates were now retreating backwards. The North's Generals had struck at them, beating them whenever they had the chance.. The new year was 1865, most of the Confederacy's strength and Generals had gone in vain. All had died in the attempts to keep the Confederacy and slavery alive. Now, Lee and his war cabinet struggled to maintain the once powerful Confederacy which had existed four years before.

    General E. Joseph Johnston was the latest of the Confederate Generals to surrender against the North. His army was too small to defend the state of Columbia. He walked at the column of his troops. A sullen look had been imposed on his face. Soldiers surrounded him as they held their muskets and withdrew from the city of Columbia. Artillerymen pushed their cannons while cavalrymen walked slowly.

    Jack had been a farmer before the war, owning big plantations across the entire Columbian state, and had experienced the votes of secession before the War. Giving the vote to slaves. He'd enlisted into the army in December 1860 swearing his loyalty to the Confederate cause. He didn't want to see the North winning the war and taking away his businesses. Since then, he had risen up the ranks becoming a Major. He had commanded and driven of Northern soldiers, even still having to suffer defeats. At the Great Battles, he had killed more men than the enemy could. His reputation in the army earned him the title '' The Butcher of Columbia.'' Giving the vote to slaves. He was a Southerner, loyal to the Confederate cause and slavery. He believed that slavery should be held for those who were the scum of the Earth. He'd be soon called up to join the 406th regiment as soon as they left Columbia. That was why so many men were leaving the city. Black slaves and freedmen peeked from the windows, looking down upon their former masters as they left the city. Men marched behind him and front. He turned his head to see the state of Columbia burning. His eyes raged in anger. Those damn northerners had burnt his land. His state. He could clearly see the blue uniformed troops hoisting their muskets up into the air. The North were damn well too destructive.

    '' Major! '' A solider called behind him.

    '' What? '' He replied angrily.

    '' Here's the telegram for you. '' The solider handed the telegram to Major Jack Kenneth, he grabbed the sheet of paper from the soldier's hand. The solider bowed and left.

    The Telegram was written in bold and black letters typed out.

    '' Major Kenneth,you have been assigned to the new army, the Army of the south. You will be commanding three battalions , since you have proved yourself useful. Your orders are to be given by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, you will report at Bentoville. Good day to you Major, signed by the War Office.

    Kenneth scratched his beard and pulled his hat up. He wore a grey officer's uniform. His sword lay waiting to be drawed out.

    '' Bentoville... '' He muttered. Now longer was he going to command any regiment, he'd be doing three battalions at once.

    The Battle of Bentoville.

    North Carolina.

    1800 hours

    The eerie sky was a sharp blueness at this time of night. Union solider Ned Tucker wrote a letter to his wife. Tucker had been a lucky man. He'd surivied throughout the war and before it he had been a baker. War had transformed him into something else. A killer. Soon, at around 1900 hours in the morning, they would attack the Confederates. Despite the North's resounding success against the South, he , like any solider wanted the war done with. He silently cursed the Confederates for not giving up. All around him were white pitched tents, blue uniformed soldiers walked around in groups and circles. Most gambled, and most drank. Horses were being pushed by their masters.

    '' My, My, if it isn't Solider Tucky.'' A voice said behind him. Ked turned around to see a man talller than him.

    '' Who are you? '' Ked asked.

    '' You don't remember me? I'm your long lost friend. Bucky. ''

    Ked erupted into laugther and hugged Bucky.

    '' Where have you been all this time? I gave up hope searching for you. ''

    Bucky took a piece of grass and chewed on it.

    '' I escaped to New York, had to make my fortune. ''

    '' And you didn't make it. ''

    '' Pretty much, how's Ma and Pa doing? ''

    '' Fine, they're not crying as others would. ''

    '' Think we're going to win the battle? ''

    '' Of course we will, the Southerners don't stand a chance now.''

    '' Sure on that? ''

    '' Look at this way, Ned, when the War first started, we had Generals that couldn't lead. Now with Grant and Sherman with us, and good ol' Abe Lincoln behind us, there's no doubt about it that the rebs over there are gonna lose the war sooner or later. Not even General Lee can fight of us off. Before you know it, we'll be in Richmond! ''

    '' I sure do hope so. ''

    Then the sound of horns rippled throughout the camp. Soldiers hustled and hurried to get their battle stations. Sergeants shouted orders as a sea of blue uniformed battalions massed. Calvary jumped in and out of the camp, the officers blowing the horns as loud as they could.

    Ked and Bucky ran as fast as they could to their battalion. The 23rd New York Company it was called.

    '' Atten-hut!! '' The Colonel raised his voice. The battlefield was a plain stretch of grass and rolling green slopes. Ked and Bucky could see the Confederate troops amassed in their groups. Both sides clearly saw each other.

    '' New York Company.... Load your weapons!!! '' The Colonel barked.

    Both the soldiers bit their cartridges off and loaded the powder into the muzzle while they smacked their muskets in the hard earth. Once done, they fixed bayonets and then pulled it up to waist level. Others solider rehearsed the loading technique in an instant. They raised their muskets to waist level form a sea of bayonets.

    '' The 23rd Battalion....will march! '' He said, scratching his blonde beard.

    The Battalion marched.

    Major Jack Kenneth eyed the Union masses advancing forwards to them. He grunted. He looked at his three battalions waiting there in the pit. These men were obviously veterans, looking at their war torn faces, he nodded satisfied, plus aslo their masses were very in good range of disgruntling the Northerners.

    '' Texans! Virgians! Columbains! Missiourians! '' He shouted.

    '' There stands the heathen northerners! Those dastardly cowards over there think they're gonna win! I'm not gonna lie to you , Men of the Confederacy, it is true we have lost the war, but if we fight on, we can win this battle. '' He silenced himself for a minute, letting the information he had just said absorbing into his men.

    '' If we destory those Northern Columns, then we will have won the battle for the Confederacy! '' He roared.

    A loud roar came from his men. Their roared reached to the enemy lines.

    '' Bucky? Those confeds over there seem to be very confident. '' Ned said nervously, shaken by the confidence of the Confederate soliders. He hadn't expected them to be so confident despite the fact that they were losing the war.

    '' Confident? '' Bucky sniggered.

    '' We'll smash them rebs up like a onion in a tomato. '' Bucky replied with a hint of aggorance.

    '' Silence in the ranks! '' The Colonel barked.

    '' Now, Men of the South, draw your weapons!!! I am the Butcher of Columbia!! And therefore I feel privilieged to lead such men into battle. ''

    At this moment, the roar even defied more, spreading to all parts of the battlefield.

    '' March!! '' He said , and masses of Confederate soldiers poured out from the pit.

    '' Form your battalions! '' He ordered

    '' Now, Confederates, advance to that Northern column!!! '' He pointed to the Northern Column where Ned and Bucky were.

    '' Ned? ''

    '' Yes, Bucky? ''

    '' Look who's there. '' He said

    '' Company.... Make ready your guns!!! '' The Colonel barked. The Union soliders bought their guns up to shoulder level.

    '' The Butcher of Columbia. '' Ned said. He remebered the days of battle when the Butcher of Columbia had fought them in Gettysburg. He was the most feared Major across the United States, even Abraham Lincolin had heard news of his reputation. The Confederacy had made full use of their press printing propaganda about the Butcher of Columbia.

    '' Yup. '' Bucky replied.

    '' Confederates!!! '' He said once the battalions had been drawed up.

    '' March!!! ''

    They marched to the Northern Battalion.

    '' Wait for the Rebs to advance!! '' The Colonel ordered.

    Once both battalions were in clew view of each other, orders were barked out on all sides.

    '' Aim your weapons!!! '' Major Jack Kenneth drawled. He had made sure his men had loaded their weapons before they fired, just to make sure he wouldn't have to that many casulties.

    '' Fire!!! '' A devasating volley was released from the Confederates. Scores of Blue uniformed soliders fell done.

    '' Reload! '' The Butcher of Columbia ordered.

    His men reloaded in an instant.

    '' Fire!!! '' Another volley shredded through the ranks of the Union soliders.

    '' Men, get back into your formation!!! '' The Colonel shouted at fleeing soliders.

    '' Now, reform! '' He said, soliders struggled to get back in formation as the Confederates shot them down.

    The Colonel's face was that off an agonised person. He knew that the Major over there was the Butcher. Well he knew what was gonna happen now, if he didn't call for reinforcements, his battalion would be killed.

    '' Lieutenant Baster! ''

    Baster arrived ducking through the extreme firing of Confederate bullets.

    '' Yes Colonel sir! '' He shouted.

    '' Call the Officer's call! Retreat to the hill! We'll make a stand there! '' He shouted in reply. The Colonel loaded his pistol and shot.

    Lieutenant Baster waved to the blue uniformed officer placed on the horse. He saluted and began sounding through the horn.

    '' Retreat!!! '' The Colonel barked, he pointed to the hill. '' To the hill men! To the Hill!!! ''

    Ned ran as fast as he could to the hill. The Confederates kept on firing, shredding more Union soldiers up.

    '' Cease firing!!! '' The Major called. His men stopped firing. At that moment, General E. Joseph Johnston arrived with his detachment of officers. He was a small man, with a small mountain beard placed on his chin and his black hat. He saluted to the Major.

    '' Major Kenneth! ''

    '' Yes General! '' The battalions saluted to the General.

    '' You see that hill over there? '' He pointed as he turned his horse to the retreating Union soldiers.

    '' Those Yankees hold the line over there, I'm going to send you there to attack that hill! '' He ordered, with a hinge of his Southern accent coming in.

    '' Thats where our fortune lies men! You go over that hill and you destroy their flank! The fate of the South men, lies upon you! Now, go out there and kill those Yankees! May God grant us glory! '' He shouted. A defying roar came from the Southerners.

    '' Major. '' The General bowed his hat down and galloped away. All around the battlefield, sounds of guns and cannons being fired could be heard around, Colonels ordering their second in commands to hold the lines, it was a wreckage of chaos.

    Major Jack now knew the battle was in their hands. They'd have to take hill to fully drive the Union forces out of there. Then the South would be saved. He sighed, yet almost excited at the prospect that they could win this battle.

    He took his hat off and placed it to his heart.

    '' May God forgive me for the sins I will commit today. '' He said in a whisper.

    The Lieutenants of the Southern ranks appeared at the front. A Confederate War Band began playing the military tune that would prepare them for the onslaught.

    '' Raise your swords!!! '' He shouted.

    '' Now, advance to hill!!! '' The Lieutenants began waving their swords, the band played, and the Confederate Battalions advanced.

    The Colonel stepped up from his position. He could see his men loading their rifles and waiting for the Confederates to attack. They were placed on top of the hill, where a wide wooden barrier had been constructed.

    '' Load your weapons!!! '' He shouted , holding his hands at his waist level.

    '' Baster! ''

    '' Yes sir! '' Baster saluted.

    '' Send Sergeant Killer to the Northern line, I want him to hold the line over there. And send Sergeant Fuller to the Southern line, they must both hold the lines at once! ''

    '' Yes Sir! '' Baster replied and mounted on his horse.

    Major Jack Kenneth waved his sword as did his lieutenants.

    '' For the South! '' He said, as cheers came from other Confederate soldiers waving their hats in enthusiasm. They knew the that the Columbian commanded some of the best troops in the Southern Army,and were sure of their victory now that they had been sent to take the hill.

    '' Remember men, duck under when the Yankees fire! '' He shouted as he pointed his sword to the Hill.

    They advanced through the thick wooded forest. Ned looked around for Bucky, but he hadn't seen him anywhere. He sat down on his trench when he saw thousands of grey uniformed rebels advancing towards him.

    '' Soldiers.... Fire!!! ''

    '' Now , Duck!! '' Kenneth shouted.

    Most of his men ducked but the rest were too late to obey his orders. Many fell down by the instant struck of a bullet.

    '' Charge at the Yankees!!! Brave men of the South!!! '' The Columbian shouted.

    His men let such out a terrifying yell that it almost reached to the Northern lines.

    The Union Soldiers loaded and fired at any advancing confederate they could see coming through.

    '' Don't let them get your morale low men! Kill those Yankess in their trenches!! '' Kenneth shouted.


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