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Should I wear speedos or shorts ???

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    Im going on holiday in a few weeks to greece and am wondering what type of swim shorts i should wear. i really want to wear speedos but am worried i am too fat. I don't have the best body and am carrying a few extra pounds, not massive but i do have a beer gut. should i cover up instead ?
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    I would go shorts. Speedos often don't look good on the best bodied man, just go with something that won't evoke any feeling of discomfort, particularly considering you are aware that you are carrying weight. have fun in Greece!
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    Shorts. Leave Speedos for Olympic divers, anyone else they are so last century.
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    Any more
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    Shorts. I don't know why anyone wears speedos. If you want to swim seriously you can just get tight swimming shorts in the same material that don't look ridiculous.
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    (Original post by Chumbaniya)
    Shorts. I don't know why anyone wears speedos. If you want to swim seriously you can just get tight swimming shorts in the same material that don't look ridiculous.
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    In my opinion, Speedos should never be worn. Never. Especially when you're an old man with a beer belly (I'm not referring to you but to my neighbour across the road who's garden faces my bedroom window ). Go with shorts.
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    Shorts please.

    I cringe at WWE wrestling for the same reason.
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    Speedos really aren't the way forward but I had some friends who weren't allowed to swim in shorts as it was against the hotel policy. It's a speedo country but bring shorts too.
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    Shorts, definitely. For some reason I always associate speedos with pedos. Probably because of the rhyming, I don't know.
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    SPEEDO PAEDOS!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, go with the shorts
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    Shorts for casual swimming, speedos if you intend to race or swim fast

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    Speedos. Always speedos.
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    Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Fuck what anyone else thinks of you. As if their opinion matters, you'll never see them again.


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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