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How much bodyweight did you put on in your first 12 months of lifting?

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    Dat pizza. Remained more or less the same weight since, just got leaner and better developed.
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    I was 68kg now I am 76kg, main bulk added is probably on my upper body it has developed loads, my legs are still pretty skinny.
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    Since September, i've managed to add on like 8-9kg, mainly quads.
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    (Original post by SausageStrips)
    Who are you asking?
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    It's been 5-6 months of proper lifting and somewhat proper eating - 7-8kg. I expect 17-18kg by the end of the year considering I've got **** all to do in summer except lift and eat. Bare in mind I started around 53-55kg..
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    3.1415927 stones
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    I put on about 50lbs. 22kg. Bodyfat went up 3 or 4 percent, so fairly lean gains. I'm expecting at most half of that for the next year.
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    25kg (50-75kg so from horrifically skinny to skinny). Ate until my stomach felt like it woud burst at every meal.
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    if you go on a 12 month bulk you should be aiming at putting on around 30-40lbs.


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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